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  1. (No worries dude) telling secrets without me? Not on my watch bud. She’d try to go in the direction of the whispering
  2. Welp it’s better than getting caught for committing arson on the realm 😔 also when the heck aha flower no swear ever haha did it become 2am- I can’t nap tmrw bc I have classes back to back so I should go sleepy sleep 😎
  3. Ack no- there’s not much there so I need it Kat- Kat dont do this pls- Kat what did I ever do to you-
  4. Take a running start and jump onto my bed when getting onto it bc obviously there’s someone hiding under there waiting to get me
  5. Thank you!! I’m pretty proud of it too and my improvement at the moment? I may change Zuki’s (I think that’s the nichelings name idk actually-) pose bc I can not draw nichelings facing forward and standing-
  6. Ah yes work on banner my brain says, not your school work that’s due soon. I am so smart :’) anyways sketch is done? Will probably move stuff around
  7. ssshhh ghosts can’t hear meanies
  8. haha ghost arms go wheeeeeee!
  9. “great. another dead end.” he scoffed
  10. She wiggles a little bit and rolls over.
  11. Dang it (I cant swear- p a i n) Polly I was just trying to do my d a n g rewirring task but not alone because I’m a child and don’t like the dark and electrical is dark but now I’m going to D I E!
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