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  1. They wave. you fly to the store and go inside where Rosy is unboxing something that had the words ‘’Fragile! And Live!’’ On it
  2. You sleep for a week and that week just happens to be spring vacation. You, June, and Azure walk out of school for the last time for an entire week.
  3. It’s full of stuff about vines and flowers but nothing about trees.. trees very still strictly forbidden from being grown.. except in special green houses that your parents worked in. You read about plant reproduction and how they disperse their seeds You sleep for how long?
  4. ‘’Leftovers and some bread.’’ She said. Muffin bats around a cat toy.
  5. You walk to the library which is a huge building that has large columns made of tree stuff and has vines growing around it. Along with that it had a big bronze door, large windows and a fountain outside. You walk inside and it’s fairly empty
  6. ‘’I don’t. I just want to be a part of the conversation.’’
  7. (ITS NOT- THE TRIBES DONT COEXIST- THAT WAS IN THE RULES I THINK??) it’s probably one of the richer hivewing’s houses. (Firefly’s is average size anyways) your parents were quite wealthy being in such a rare job field and had a decent sized house
  8. Yeah I realized that as she was planning how to kill her- she gets up and stands next to Starsearcher. What if she starts to like Olive.. I don’t know what I would do then.. I don’t know
  9. I did not okay that- You scamper into the street. They sun is setting and making everything look beautiful and golden.
  10. She rolls her eyes. ‘’I won’t.’’ She says with a wink. ‘’It will be like I’m not even here.’’
  11. Wait what- you scamper home and find your mother in the kitchen baking and your father writting in a book
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