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  1. ‘’You’re not supposed to be interacting with Darkclan cats.’’ She countered.
  2. She steps out behind her. ‘‘Boo.’’ She says flatly
  3. Oh damn.. she thought guiltily. At the same time she thought how dumb can she be?! We literally told them we would be monitoring them! I guess I can’t blame her.. I do dumb stuff a lot too..
  4. She tried to get closer and listen in. She felt her stomach drop in horror. What is she doing?!
  5. ‘’Cherrypaw?!’’ She cried out nervously. She didn’t want to break the rules but she was still on edge from all the attacks lately and Mossbreeze and her group of rouges
  6. She nods. ‘Sounds good.’’
  7. ‘’These two need training, stat.’’ She says. ‘’Let’s take them hunting!’’
  8. She padded up to him. ‘’Hey!’’ She said cheerily.
  9. Her ears perked up and she trotted after the scent.
  10. ‘’Oh.. I didn’t mean to snap.. let’s just go.’’ She said awkwardly
  11. She scoffed. ‘’Sshh! You’ll scare away all the prey in the forest.’’
  12. ‘’We are friends.’’ She said defensively.
  13. She nodded. ‘’First were going to find Applepaw’s mentor.’’
  14. She gave Cherrypaw a look and kept walking
  15. She nodded. ‘’Of course. I’ll take them and we’ll try to catch up with him.’’ She said.
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