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  1. no thank you for being such a lovely customer *tips hat* uh- i- i- hejhfedhj✋😰🤚 (tysm polly :DD!)
  2. the boys morgan finch vistra c a t me irl me irl 2
  3. gotta find content to feed you my children
  4. cookie -she-her IF ONLY,, IF OFNLY ID PUT THE , AND THE -
  5. med cat apprentice if there’s a spot for one you can make their sex female
  6. Cormorantpaw is a very laid back cat, they don't try to hard and they like to go out of their way to prank the other apprentices. they're extroverted and tend to show their affection for others as aggression
  7. cormorant’paw i have therapy so i’ll do their personality later
  8. i think this is all the proof we need that the general public would love it if kat were mod
  9. we are birthday buddies mines the 25th
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