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  1. i am so ready for this you do not understand. i have to defrost my nicheling drawings abilities
  2. i thought we were besties 😔 turns out we were just worsties
  4. CONTENT TIME!!! my ocs Finch (left) and Morgan (right) and tristan from the book crown of feathers
  5. HI HI! I'm down to be an ES I should have time for it. HAVE JUNIPER!! Shes a very gentle nicheling who would love to do nothing more then take time to smell flowers and collect rocks every now and then but she was sort of thrust into a temporary role of leadership in her tribe so she sadly she refuses to take time for herself and because the needs of her tribe are more important to her. when her wife Rue gets involved and forces her to take a break she reluctantly agrees and usually ends up crashing and taking a long nap. (If gems are relevant to your art style hers are orange on the outside and yellow in the middle I just forgot to change them in the first photo)
  6. “Ananaalis may I talk to you for a moment?’’ Cumulus asked. “Oh.. yes of course. Noel, could you watch poinsettia for a moment?” She asked her mate, turning to smile gently at her daughter and make cooing noises at her. Noel nodded, shuffling over to sit besides the small alert form of poinsettia who was sitting up in her nest with wide eyes and perked up ears. “What was it that you had to say Cumulus?” “I just wanted to say that the snow is supposed to get worse-“ A harsh cry was heard and a sickening crack followed it, the two whipped around to see a huge eagle easily picking up Poinsettia, taking her in its massive talons and flapping its wings to lift back up into the sky. Poinsettia wailed loudly and everyone stood frozen in shock except for Ananaalis who ran after the bird, leaping after it but coming up just short. Noel recovered from his shock and dashed to the leaders side and opening his mouth to explain himself but he was cut off by her. “You idiot!” she screamed, shoving him to the ground. “You were supposed to watch her! You were supposed to be protecting her!” she sobbed, lashing out at him blindly. Her claws dug into his ears and eye socket Noel yelped in pain, rolling over to protect his face from being attacked. Ananaalis grabbed him, pulling him to his paws before shoving him away again. He stumbled a few steps before turning to face her again. “Wait I-“ “Get out of my sight” The sheer hatred in her tone and eyes left no room for debate. He was now exiled. Noel looked like he was going to cry but he hung his head, blood oozing from his injured eye, and scurried away. “You guys!” Ginger squealed, charging her siblings. “I heard from Grizzly that Baska is related to bears.” Her voice lowered at the mention of the vicious creatures “Ginger! stop spreading rumors, it’s mean.” Strawberry-seed huffed, sticking up her nose at her sister. “Ugh Berry, don't be such a stick in the mud just because you’re the leader’s apprentice. Have you ever seen her show emotion? she probably doesn’t care what we say anyways.” Seth laughed, rolling his eyes at his sister. Ginger elbowed her. “Look! it’s her” Strawberry-Seed looked up, seeing the tribe’s warrior staring at them, her expression one of indifference. Cumulus however, who she had previously been engaging in conversation with, looked furious. “Are you two stupid? You’re being awfully insensitive to the tribe’s only protector. We’d be goners without her so shove off with your opinions!” he hissed, getting in Ginger’s face and turning to glare at Seth before leaving along with Baska who had a small smirk plastered on her face. “What are you going to name her my Lady?” Strawberry-Seed asked, staring down at the baby who was almost painfully identical to Poinsettia. Fortunately, she seemed healthy. “Juniper,” She said with a big smile. “That’s a lovely name.” Ananaalis wrapped her tail around her newborn. “I brought you some food- oh look at her!” Annette whispered, beaming at the kit. “She’s as beautiful as her mother. What’s her name?” “Juniper.” Strawberry-Seed answered automatically. Annette narrowed her eyes at her. “Yes.. Thank you Strawberry-Seed, you may go now.” She said, waving her paw dismissively. Strawberry-Seed nodded, lowering her head and scurrying away. Annette turned back to Ananaalis who rolled her eyes. “Why get rid of my apprentice?” “Because you’re exhausted and you need rest” Annette snorted, batting her shoulder affectionately. “Now SLEEP. I’ll watch the kid.” Ananaalis begrudgingly gave in and laid down, curling up tighter next to Juniper.
  7. you don’t remember notification sound life changing noise rest in peace you live on in my heart
  8. IS THAT..NO.. IT CANT BE- THE GEORGIE HEYITSGEORGIE MINECRAFT?? Hi georgie : ) i have not spoken to you in so long wink wink nudge nudge
  9. oh yeah we doing it 🕺💃 i cant think of an interesting beginning so we’re jumping in. From left to right (there are more nichelings because this story doesn’t necessarily start with them traveling to the island but i think this is still a good way to summarize who’s who) Noel - white furred male with poison fangs Cumulus - brown furred nicheling with antennae Hypnos - Mammoth footed nicheling with white spots Ananaalis - Heat bodied female with black and tan fur. Baska - red and brown furred female with black ram horns Annette - Big eared green eyed female Grizzly - Tan furred nicheling with a clawed paw Ginger - water bodied kit with black eyes Strawberry-Seed - Heat bodied kit with blue eyes ~~~~~~ Anette’s three son’s take to the world, triumphantly discovering an old mossy stump covered in mushrooms. Grizzly looked at it in disgust “Gross.” He snorted. Hypnos rolled his eyes at his older brother who’s comment caused their youngest brother to shrink. “Stop being so dreadful and let the not boring people enjoy our stump” Cumulus, who had been picking at the soft rotten wood of the tree stump perked up and smiled at Hypnos. Annette shivered, the bitter cold seeped through her thin fur. She got up from her spot underneath the strong branches of the oak tree and walked over to Ananaalis, hoping the leader’s gift would help warm her up. “Hello Annette,” Ananaalis said, flashing her signature smile at her. “Getting cold?” Annette nodded, sitting down next to the leader, sighing in relief. “Not anymore thanks to you. That sure is one hell of an ability” she said, referring to the odd spikes protruding from her pelt that generated warmth. she chuckled, causing Ananaalis to giggle. Annette looked at the nicheling, laughing quietly with her eyes closed, fur fluffed up against the wind. She looked away as soon as she opened her eyes again. She wasn’t sure why what she said was so funny. Annette watched the Mewling baby in the nest. Ananaalis had decided she wanted to start a family so she chose to take Noel as a mate. Annette didn’t have anything against him but she couldn’t hide the glare on her face as she watched him stand there awkwardly, staring down at his daughter Pointsettia. “Stop glaring at people, it's creepy.” Grizzly muttered under his breath at his mother. “I wasn’t glaring. I got something in my eyes” She lied lamely. He just shrugged “Whatever you say.” Their conversation and Ananaalis’ chatter were interrupted by quiet sneezing but the silence that followed after it was deafening. Everyone knew what it meant. A sickly child was almost certainly a death sentence in these cold conditions and without a means of healing. Annette though, a sense of dread pooling in her stomach. Her thoughts were cut off by a loud wail. “No! It can’t be, please don’t let it be so!” Ananaalis cried, burying her head in Noel’s fur. He awkwardly reached up to pat her back ‘comfortingly,’ his own face contorting into an expression of sadness.
  10. the power dynamic is still weird from a story point of view bc an adult will ALWAYS has more power than a teen in that situation i just think the implication that they’re looking at a young nicheling and being like oh yeah i hope we can be in a relationship one day is :||
  11. still kinda weird and creepy broski 👀just bcuz the cat books did it first doesn’t mean it’s healthy 👏👏
  12. no thank you for being such a lovely customer *tips hat* uh- i- i- hejhfedhj✋😰🤚 (tysm polly :DD!)
  13. the boys morgan finch vistra c a t me irl me irl 2
  14. gotta find content to feed you my children
  15. cookie -she-her IF ONLY,, IF OFNLY ID PUT THE , AND THE -
  16. 😰 how do we get them to stop
  17. no stop don’t find baby flower
  18. med cat apprentice if there’s a spot for one you can make their sex female
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