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  1. She hissed and claws at his spine.
  2. Now! She leaps up and tries push him to the ground.
  3. What are you going to do now? I could wait for his grip to lessen or.. she smiles at him. “Hi there!” Act harmless, get him distracted.
  4. She panics but then her training kicks in, she lets herself go limp, planning to play dead then leap up and grow him off.
  5. "Sometimes no news is good news! I hope your clan fares well today!" she said approaching the exit.
  6. “That’s all, you have any news you’d like me to tell Angelstar?”
  7. “Yes ma’am Angelstar wanted me to tell you that our patrols scented badger nest our shared border.”
  8. She marched to the windclan camp enjoying the sent of heather and springy grass that cushioned her paws. “Good morning!” She greeted.
  9. She lashed out trying to push the crab hearted tree clan cat off oh herself. “Then maybe give me a paw?!” She hissed.
  10. “You got it!” She said and bounced out of the camp humming a cheerful tune.
  11. “You betcha! Got anything good I can tell the other clans?” She asked walking up to the rock.
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