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  1. That’s alright just stay safe or whatever is necessary.
  2. Day four looks interesting so I’m excited to think about designs for it after school tmrw
  3. Leafwing bean! Kind of love her actually
  4. :0 I forgot about leafwings! Also Thank you! and thank you for reminding me, now I have some clue of what to do
  5. Very rushed seawing sibling of yesterday’s seawing. Just looked at tomorrow’s palette and OH BOY MORE GREEN don’t get me wrong I love green but I can’t bring myself to make a seawing triplet so I’ll have to wing it and choose a different dragon species or just ditch wof for that day.
  6. Why does everyone get adorable color palettes accept for me?
  7. Day two is more green.. foliage I suppose I don’t want to make two green dragons back to back
  8. I’m going to create 14 alt accounts and like it on each one
  9. Side note I will be allowing myself to use black and white Day one art (I decided to draw dragons, this one is a seawing.):
  10. Ooo you got such great palettes! Also love your art for day one!
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