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  1. He nods. “Only a few, Blizzard showed me one that he was writing, it was pretty cool. Anyways I brought a few back so we could read them!”
  2. Alright I’m gonna join in a sec
  3. Starfruit smiles at her. “So, these scrolls are about the tribes! Look-“ he opened one and it showed diagrams of all the dragons.
  4. What do I name my island??!
  5. Look at my villager! Kinda ugly but still!
  6. ITS PERFECT AHH THERE ALL SO CUTE, especially mags, I really like her design! And I literally just got animal crossing like 5 minutes ago!
  7. Sorry I left but- ANIMAL CROSSING! I JUST GOT IT
  8. Hello! Could you do This bean please
  9. Sorry my mom made me get off
  10. its still there i think unless something happened
  11. I just fished up a fishing rod with mending just before getting off-
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