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  1. None :’) once you sell your soul to the art demons you loose track of all time and reality (that’s a joke please don’t attack me I am a fragile creature..)
  2. I HAD AN IDEA! also I’m gonna be doing more of these soon :3
  3. Am I the only one who draws better when I randomly doodle and don’t try to accomplish anything then when I actually sit down and try to draw good?
  4. I hath risen from thee dead! Also I got my hair cut short today, also also it’s spoopy month which is my birth month, also also also.. hi!

    1. Meron’nikeringu


      Hello! Have this random sabertooth I made from a base! Also admire her! This gal was $2 dollars to get her base O.o


  5. @Lazukii I’m not completely satisfied so I may change it later ^^
  6. Ooo can you do these two? Another ref..
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