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  1. Anyone want a pearl catcher? I need lair space. male female female
  2. Eclipse warmed her icy wings by a small lantern. Their used to be coals caught from forest fires but blacksmiths became a rarity and the last one in the kingdom died a while ago.
  3. THIS IS NOT A DRILL! This is really good, far better then any human I could draw
  4. Ooo I love her eyes and little tooth!
  5. Flower star looked at her medicine cat as she walked lightly over to him, her small paws hardly ever making a noise. “Greetings Ironclaw, how are the patients?” (Idk who the patients are.. or what happened to them.. they dont even exist.)
  6. “I wonder what this new day will bring..” she though aloud as she stretched her long limbs.
  7. (Not meh evil bean I’m sorry!) attack more! Murder is the only option.
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