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  1. "I'll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue.." He sung softly.
  2. You walk to the center of the pathc. Wysteria hangs over you filling the air with its sweet scent. Your drawn to three flowers. -Pick the blue Forget me nots -Pick the Poppy -Pick the Wysteria
  3. He left camp and broke into a run. He crossed a border and went into un charted territory.
  4. "Alright." He mewed and started to exit the den,
  5. "Yay! I'm glad your joining us sis." She squeaked, falling behind becuase of her nubby little kitten legs.
  6. "Need anything? Comefery for your bones? or some fresh moss? Maybe some fresh kill!"
  7. "Morning Onefoot." He mewed gently to the older cat.
  8. The flowers glow brighter as if beckoning you towards them. Come child. They seem to say. You stand at the edge of them and see more colors then you've ever seen before. "These are the glowing flowers the clans are known for." Robin'swhisper mewed. "We used to celebrate their light but the clans have forgotten that tradition." She mewed gleefully. -tyo -pick a flower -ignore her and move on
  9. 'foxes are dangerous! Flowers are good.. I'll go with Bearkit. I don't intend on getting myself killed." she said the last scentance sharply.
  10. "Shes gone." Hazelkit said in a small wavering voice. The flamepoint tom blinked the collapsesed. "NO HOW COULD YOU!?" He screamed to the sky. A golden brown tabby tom dragged him away. You are ushered to your den with Hazelkit and you fall alseep, dreaming of that great big bird and Leopardkit's mews getting further and further away. END DAY GREEN
  11. "Like a flower! Or a tunnel!" Bellkit squeaked.
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