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  1. Clover? She's got my personality, so: Mostly closed off (not mean, just anti-social), stupidly brave but also scared of dumb stuff like thunder, and will probably kick a child if it comes to close to her Also, I have a hoodie with the demi-girl flag on it that says 'fight me' coming in the mail, so can you stick that on her? (it's brown, by the way, but you can make it any color)
  2. My username is 'Katumai' by the way
  3. Finally got it :')
  4. How? I cant find anything like that (not the website, I know where that is)
  5. I'd join, but Minecraft is on my other computer that broke :')
  6. Clover


    This might seem a bit strange, but hear me out: (Might be a bit sensitive to some people) Religion is something that scares me too. (Sorry if this seems unsuitable for the forums, I can delete it if it is.) It's always been unsettling to me. Not exactly sure why, but maybe it's the idea of some greater being that controls life and death. Someone that has some strict set of rules that deem if you're a bad person or not. And if you don't fit that criteria, you can never rest peacefully. Not just christianity either (though that is the one that disturbs me the most, bad experiences and such), other religions too. Stuff like Greek mythology always interested me more than anything. There's several reasons that I never liked religion, but you'd have to pm me for anything else, the rest is probably to much of a sensitive topic for some people and isn't appropriate for the forums.
  7. Anyone want some babies?
  8. Clover


    I've got a lot of fears, but my biggest three are: Abandonment Thunder And dogs closets also freak me out, but a lot of people dont like closets I might have claustrophobia too....I have issues :')
  9. Clover


    Im mostly just curious, what scares all of you? I have a horrible, crippling fear of thunder (Astraphobia). If I hear anything that could be thunder, I'm outta there about as quickly as if I've seen a dog. Last night it rained, and as much as I LOVE rain, it was a thunderstorm. I couldn't sleep because I was curled up under my blanket crying. Im nearly 17. And that's how I accidently pulled an all-nighter.
  10. Meadow Rain? If you can't do platypus beak, then Blade works too (his eyes are green)
  11. "Stay here, I'll be right back. You might want some company besides him." She nodded at Everest. "No offense." With that she left, slipping into another cave.
  12. Jubileze followed behind them, jumping up a slope and into the camp. "Over there." She gestured to a cave. "Go."
  13. Sighing, she slightly pushed Honey forward, tapping the end of her tail on her back. "Move, don't forget that I can crack your skull open."
  14. "Hmm...well, I don't trust you. You may be young, but we can never be to sure." She walked behind them, slamming her tail on the ground. "You're coming with me back to camp." She turned to the forest nicheling and Everest. "You can come to, if you like." (By the way, what does Forest Nicheling look like? @Dysfunctional Numbers Foxy )
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