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  1. You can add your ocs in still, just look for the post I made
  2. can I get a description?
  3. I need pictures, a name, gender, clan and their personality maybe a bit of backstory to I'm making a comic that will be posted here, so I need more characters. Heck, just a name and a picture would be fine, because there's a chance they will just be a background character if you really cant get a picture, just give me a description and I'll work with it
  4. I have been like this for my whole almost 16 years of life I kinda like it
  5. Well, that's your opinion :') but it's wrong-
  6. I have one hell of a personality, people say I can turn into completely different people, 'two-faced' they call it
  7. I gave her my own personality, so I don't really know
  8. Clover is the prettiest nicheling in existence and you cant change my mind
  9. Is it to late to change mine? because I finally have a nichesona
  10. Here's my beautiful sona
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