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  2. Both of them (Cherry and Raspberry)
  3. I remember reading that and being like: "Wow. I better get started scheduling it."
  4. Well my friend, I ship some weird stuff to: Sandstorm x Silverstream Alderheart x Puddleshine Twigbranch x Honeyfur (because Finleap SUCKS) OH, AND DONT FORGET: THOSE TWO BOYS FROM 'RIM OF THE WORLD' WHO WOULD'VE BEEN A MUCH BETTER COUPLE THAN WHAT WE ACTUALLY GOT, MY FRIEND WAS PISSED FOR TWO WEEKS BECAUSE OF THAT I SWEAR TO GOD-
  5. *raises hand* I do- *gets stabbed by my entire 'friend' group*
  6. Princey looked over at the two, smirking a little. Wow, he has it bad. He sighed. I wonder how Tiara is doing, I wish mother wouldn't keep her from me.
  7. "uH, YeaH hI snAcc-I MEAN BERRY" Chestnut stuttered, literally dying inside as he spoke. Berry looked at him weird. Sh- "Uh yeah, ok then..."
  8. Princey looked around, watching as everyone else did their thing. He lowered his head. His mate had died a few weeks ago, and he was still grieving. He missed her. Chestnut stared into a lake, thinking about very important things. Im hungry. Maybe if I sit here long enough a snack will come to me- "Hello." Chestnut choked, turning around a seeing Berry. Yep, a snack came to him alright.
  9. (Now im in pain because I remembered them from the Hunger games and it was depressing
  10. Welp, what kind of useless gay would I be if I didn't join? Princey, bisexual (and hopelessromanticsexual) Chestnut, gay as hell (and may or not be in love with Berry) Berry, pansexual (and a narcissist) And finally, Dusk/DuskStar, the homophobe (outside of this rp she just hates literally everybody, so-)
  11. Meringue, why did you choose Sky over the mate you had before you died? -Princey, who is definetly not a hopeless romantic and a sucker for romance EVERYTHING
  12. *falls through the door* HOW DID YOU ALL DIE? -Drunk Blade
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