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  1. She shook out her fur. "Well, I'll leave you to it." She smiled, turning around.
  2. (That's a lot of prey for one cat to carry) She dropped them over in the pile, grooming her shoulder briefly. "That stupid bird nearly pecked my eyes out." (Soon)
  3. "Not anything interesting. You may leave now, if you wish."
  4. Sharpsong came back, a bit unbalanced. She carried two frogs, a sparrow, and three mice...somehow.
  5. "Hmm..." She looked away for a moment, before dipping her head. "Thank you. Anything else?"
  6. Sharpsong finished eating. "Well, I'll go get you that prey now. I'll be back soon." She ran out of the camp. Brindlestar looked at her. "Ah, hello Tawnystalks. Any news?"
  7. He watched her leave, shaking his head slightly. She could wake up a badger with her shouting.
  8. She looked up, licking her lips. "A badger attacked Thunderclan, so we had to fight it off. WindClan was also struggling to hunt because the rabbits have been staying in their burrows lately."
  9. "Thanks!" She crouched down, starting to eat it. "I've been travelling around all day."
  10. "Of course. Give me a bit, I was born here after all." She smiled, slipping away.
  11. (Wow, she seems pretty full of herself) "You called?" Just then, Sharpsong showed up, shaking out her pelt.
  12. His tail flicked. "You should inform them about that badger scent, tell Brindlestar first, it was near Windclan's border. I can't believe they didn't scent it on their own."
  13. He looked down at her, his bright yellow eyes piercing. "Good morning, Tawnystalks. I assume you're going out to deliver news?"
  14. Anglerstar sat atop the highrock, the tip of his tail flicking back and forth as he watched his warriors.
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