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  1. Sure, but she actually costed a lot so I want at least a bit of money for her
  2. You can have im if you want
  3. You can have him, he's even ready to breed
  4. Hey, my friend just sent me this
  5. Yep! He either has the paint or piebald gene I think
  6. I'm also getting rid of some dragons if anybody wants them
  7. I also found this guy when I was scavenging
  8. Yay, a fellow Nature Flight member!
  9. Cool, he made one of her weird psycadellic looking dragons, so he gives good babies
  10. Go ahead, she doesn't mind She breeds dragons, so expect random hatchlings in your mailbox every once in a while
  11. I can tell her to send him to you, I'm talking with her right now
  12. Hey, my breeder friend Wavedraco has some dragons she would be willing to give you (I asked her) Namely these three, all males:
  13. Yeah (hopefully)
  14. Cool! (though I personally hate Tundras)
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