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  1. Random person: You dont look gay... Me: Oh sorry, let me fix that *puts on rainbow sunglasses* But on a serious note, Im a bit confused about something but im kinda nervous to ask it (ha ha, kill me)
  2. I just had a couple of really bad experiences when I was younger, and they just generally seem dangerous to me
  4. Am I the only one who hates and is terrified of dogs? A lot of people call me crazy for it :')
  5. Also, I need to sell this guy so last chance if anyone wants him
  6. One of my favourite dragons just had his first babies! The first one is a male and the other two are females
  7. This is for anyone who plays Flight Rising Just say you want to join, along with what flight you're in, and you can roleplay as many dragons as you want (as long as their yours or someone gives you permission to use theirs) Ice Flight Arcane Flight Lightning Flight Nature Flight Me Plague Flight Shadow Flight Earth Flight Light Flight Water Flight Wind Flight Fire Flight If I missed one let me know
  8. What's your username?
  9. Also I have like, a lot of dragons that are ready to breed so if anyone wants to breed with one I'll send them to you ill need them back after the eggs hatch though
  10. I already have one too
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