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  1. "...what are you doing?" "Hm?" The two were by a couple of bushes, Anaana watching with a raised eyebrow as Kimr balanced some of the berries on her nose. "Uh...getting food?" Anaana snorted. "Looks more like playing with food to me." "Well-" She cut herself off with a yelp as one of the berries fell off, scrambling to catch it before it rolled away into the grass. "Stop messing around, Kimr." Her friend huffed, popping the fallen berry into her mouth. "What, never had fun before, Anaana?" Anaana rolled her eyes. "Oh, sorry princess, did I offend you and your privileged life? Where I'm from you don't waste food." Kimr blinked. "Anaana, we're from the same tribe." "If you can even call it that." "Yeah, we, um-" Reese piped up for the first time, pausing as the two other females turned to look at her. "W-we, uh, kinda came from a different spot than you did, Kimr. It...wasn't all that pleasant..." The three were quiet for a moment, before Anaana sighed, grabbing the remaining berries from Kimr's paws. "I'll be right back." And with that, she left, leaving the other two staring at the spot she was just in.
  2. OH OKAY, thanks ghjgyju
  3. Which character had it?? Sorry i havent read the original in a while
  4. The sea was calm. The air was cool and light, gently ruffling the fur of the gathered nichelings as they hopped off the last of the stones. A perfectly normal group. Nothing strange. Nothing abnormal. Just some nichelings. The two adults peered into the grass, ears pricked for any danger, while the children stayed behind them. Some nervous, some unbothered, and some watching the traveling stones slowly sink behind them. A pair of twins sat at the back, the one with whiskers pressing close to her brother with a nervous gaze. Her ear twitched every once in a while. Her brother sat calmly, expression unchanging aside from a slight narrowing of his eyes. A normal group. Almost. From left to right: Pol-Uncursed Anael-Uncursed Beam-Uncursed Lake-??? Luski-??? Kimr-Uncursed Reese-Uncursed Anaana-Uncursed Rokeran-Uncursed
  5. alright its official Kevin and OBBACL are being continued!! i'll have the OBBACL sequel started sometimes today i think and Kevin will be back from his trip to Disneyland sometime soon i promise maybe i'll continue IL too sometime
  6. Katumai


    interesting choice but sure!!!!!
  7. Katumai


    i have those ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ
  8. Alright I read through everything @watersporter Please do not post unrelated things in topics. If you want to say something then pm someone or make your own topic. And insulting someone is against the rules, as Modiano said. If you have complaints about this, pm me.
  9. cmon guys i need like one more vote ๐Ÿ™ just break the tie between obbacl, il and Kevin (ive decided to continue two of these playthroughs so whichever two get the most votes)
  10. ohoho ๐Ÿ‘€ i nominate @flower -she-he- @Cloudscape -Any Pronouns- and @FawnCat for best friend awards because they are super awesome and cool and i love them all very much < 3
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