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  1. part 3 -Girl is haunted/possessed by a spirit that does nothing but screw up her life but does actually protect her sometimes, unfortunately she is extremely attached and she has to use the spirit to help her not die anyway-turns out this spirit is her dead twin brother, what a plot twist (game) -Girl is haunted/possessed by a spirit that...does nothing but screw up her life but does actually protect her sometimes...she is extremely attached...turns out the spirit is her dead twin brother?-hold on a goddamn second this is just the last one except now it takes place in Japan (game) (no seriously if i had a nickel for every game i played about a girl who is haunted/possessed by the spirit of her dead twin brother i would have two nickels. its really not a lot but its also really weird that its happened twice) -The only game where you can rob people, watch a public execution, accidentally run people over with your horse and play dominoes all in the span of thirty minutes (girl help i literally have not stopped playing for days) (game) -"WHAT IS THAT???" The player screams for the millionth time as a giant hulking demon-dog runs straight at them illuminated by the glow from the disturbing red moon in the bloody disgusting landscape of eldritch horrors (game) -A bunch of orphans live in a train and go on a different adventure every 3 seconds with whatever long-lost relative decided to spawn that morning (no seriously i had literally all of these as a kid) (books) -The player screams and cries and falls to their knees, banging their fist on the floor in a fit of despair as they hear "I am Malenia, Blade of Miquella" for the millionth time and they realize that she really has never known defeat (my timbers are shivered just thinking about it) (game)
  2. I'm surprised you got Ginger Snaps, I thought I was the only one who liked that movie The others are right, #1 is Everybody's Gone to The Rapture, #2 is Silent Hill 3, #5 is Fear Street and #7 is Resident Evil 2
  3. alright part 2 -An entire town suddenly disappears one night and you're off to investigate, have fun uncovering the eldritch horrors and being overcome by existential dread! (game) -Girl has nightmare about getting hit by a rollercoaster, wakes up in a mall, and then goes on the worst walk back home that anyone has ever experienced as she is consumed by the horrors (also her dad is dead rip) (game) -If you though that OUR ocean was bad, wait until you see what this place has in store (send help there is a giant glowing fish making unfathomable noises outside my submarine) (game) -Who knew that some mushrooms could end the world? (game but also a show) -Town cursed by evil witch sends reanimated serial killers after some confused teenage girl (also theres some teen drama in the back or smth idk i was there for the horrors) (movie) -Becoming a werewolf is apparently synonymous with becoming a woman, who knew (now go kill your sister) (movie) -Wouldn't it be crazy if the city i grew up was suddenly polluted by nuclear testing and everyone became a zombie haha-OH MY GOD THE CITY I GREW UP IS POLLUTED BY NUCLEAR TESTING AND EVERYONE HAS BECOME A ZOMBIE (game)
  4. Yep 👍I dont really expect anyone to get the others but #2 is my favorite little retro horror game Clocktower, #4 is House of Leaves and #5 is Uzumaki
  5. its me Kat Katumai participating in forum discussion anyways heres mine (some are kinda obscure) -Girl obtains time travel powers, gets kidnapped, saves several lives, ends several lives, destroys multiple timelines and causes a tornado all in less than a week (game) -Orphan teenager finally gets adopted by some rich family only to be chased around the mansion by a 4 foot tall hunchback carrying giant scissors for the next 10 hours (game) -"THE PLANE IS GONNA CRASH ITS GONNA CRASH" said Alex calmly-all of his friends then proceeded to drop like flies in ways not even Stephen King could think of (movie) -This house literally cannot physically exist to the point where the guy living in it is going insane with a tape measure and scribbling his unhinged thoughts in a journal (book) -Everything is so bad and so cursed that an entire town starts spiraling into madness (get it? spiraling?) (book-or ig manga technically) -Girl breaks and enters into her old childhood home to relive the stories of her dead relatives-the player cries at the end (game) -"IS THAT A GUY WITH A PYRAMID ON HIS HEAD???" the player said calmly-it was, in fact, a guy with a pyramid on his head (game)
  6. omg is that georgie heyitsgeorgie i thought you disintegrated into a pile of ash in 2022 (i definitely dont actively see you speak like every day) anyways i just finished reading i think you should make more
  7. depending on where you downloaded the game it updates differently-so if you downloaded it from Itch.io it's basically a blank slate in terms of save data every time you download a new version. If you download the link from Night.ly it will actually update automatically and transfer all of your data over, so I would reccommend that version instead If you still have the older version of the game from March and didn't delete it, your save should still be in there and you can transfer it over (unless you tried that and did it wrong, which in that case-uhhh, oops??)
  8. ALSO THIS i probably should have posted this during pride month but hey what can you do this was just fueled by my friend talking about trans hc and i got the sudden urge to draw my own so here they are (my handwriting is garbage so the notes are kinda hard to read sorry) (also i got the info on Scara just sliighhtly wrong, the hats were worn by japanese noblewomen, not royal court members) aside from the regular trans flags, the other ones are (from left to right) transmasc, transfem, nonbinary, transfem again, and genderfluid anyways Genshin more like Gayshin am i ri [shatters into a million pieces]
  9. me when drawing is painful anyways i made this a while ago but Lady Maria my beloved my advice for today is play Bloodborne its really good
  10. Katumai


    im 20 now and my life is falling apart
  11. also this thing i drew when my day sucked and i was stressed because these two are very comforting to me
  12. the new Spiderverse is pretty good
  13. genshin sketches part 2000 or something idk why the quality is so bad 💀
  14. Happy mothers day to my favorite cat mom
  15. "What's the matter, Sid? You look like you've seen a ghost." take a wild guess as to who went on a Scream marathon the 6th movie came out pretty recently and I went to see it in theaters, so i thought "why not rewatch the whole series??" yknow these movies are pretty special to me, for most of my life i grew up with a pretty limited collection of dvds to watch so i ended up seeing the same stuff over and over again Scream is one of the first horror movies I can ever remember seeing, my dad finally let me watch them and this movie was basically my introduction to the genre I can say it definitely left an impact on me-not in a bad way or anything, i was already used to blood and violence because of Warrior Cats so that stuff didnt disturb me-but i was ridiculously invested in the mystery and the characters and i BEGGED my dad to let me watch the rest it was my go-to horror franchise for a long time-until,,,yknow,,a certain other one came in and replaced it and sucked me in so hard that i was hyperfixated nonstop for 2 and a half years ANYWAYS all that aside, i was stuck on what to draw and then i had the brilliant idea to do something Scream related since it was still fresh in my brain, so i decided to redraw that one frame. yeah, that one. you know the one...yknow...that one yeah that one i could go on for hours about whatever THESE TWO have going on but honestly im a little intimidated by that conversation so. maybe another day i didnt put too much thought into their designs, I gave Stu a spot over his eye that was meant to resemble the eyes on the Ghostface mask but thats about as far as i went symbolism wise-and i already designed a certain relative of Billy's before making this so i made him look a lot like her, since its character relevant enough anyway (also i got really tired towards the end of drawing it so just pretend the unfinished look was definitely completely intentional) i dont have anything else to say this was literally just me redrawing a horror movie screenshot
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