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  1. Ah yes, fresh meat. You will do nicely as a member of the forum cult anyways, I'm Kat, welcome to hell
  2. Cant miss the chance to show off my nichelings and go on a tangent in my head about why they're the best! /j/j/j starting off with-..uh yeah i dont have an excuse for this guy's name And his (I think) second cousin, Magina, a really pretty nicheling who's basically become a spirit of wildlife Her father was some random guy that I didn't have enough food to invite in (and, weirdly enough, looked a lot like one of my friend's nichelings), so I just bred one of my females with him before he disappeared and the result was Magina. I'm guessing that wand
  3. oh boy, here we go just to be clear: this and the last chapter take place around the same time, but there's been a significant time gap between the ones before that and these two Falconpaw "Falconpaw." "Hm?" "Frostsun, Whitestar and I will be by the tree if you need us." Silverflower spoke gently, sweeping her tail in the direction of Whitestar and the medicine cat. Falconpaw nodded, watching the deputy follow after them. "This place is bigger than camp!" Falconpaw nearly jumped out of his fur at the yelling in his ear, groaning and pinning his ears flat agai
  4. Alright, the allegiances list has been updated a LOT so I suggest you look at it- http://apawineachworld.com/untoldlegacy/?shareGuid=c452b668-1245-3852-b865-cf4de075a44e
  5. Most of my saves are for playthroughs so I tend to do a ton of story and stick with them for a long time. Funnily enough, because of this, it's nearly impossible for me to look at a nicheling and not think up some kind of personality for them, since I'm so used to it. Everything, no matter how strategical, always has some kind of story purpose in my head. Most of the time it all just kinda happens on it's own, and including the fact that I can basically make up personalities on the spot just by looking at a nicheling, I've somehow made countless unique characters. Which sounds great, but
  6. I know it's been a while, but I plan to update this soon since I have time There will be another gathering to catch up on everything, and then some good ol drama
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