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  1. having that much is illegal, you're going to jail for uh....being a good person!
  2. Katumai


    Gaymer (dont ask)
  3. Katumai


    I have Discord (#4002), and I'm barely on Steam unless it's to open a game we can do whatever you're okay with, just know that I sleep a lot resdtghdtrfgh
  4. Katumai


    Trust me, I can understand that. I have a severe lack of patience too (anger issues, they've gotten me in trouble more than once), and it's actually kinda dangerous for me to be around things that are frustrating to me, because I tend to get mad fast and end up hitting something rtdyguuh Anyway, point is, don't play it if you're not getting enjoyment out of it, that's no fun. If there's something else you would rather be doing, do that.
  5. Katumai


    I think so? Here he is, by the way: https://www.wolvden.com/wolf/196401
  6. Katumai


    My lead's son has blue fur, I could hand him over?
  7. Katumai


    Is it? My main wolf has a blue base (so does her son), and it seems about as rare as any other base (you can get it when you first create your wolf) https://www.wolvden.com/wolf/194103
  8. Katumai


    My pack is full of males and I'm scared dtrgyuhi-
  9. Katumai


    Ah yes, like that time I convinced my mom to spend $100 on GB (the perks of having a rich step-dad)
  10. Katumai


    In Lioden things just started to feel repetitive and stressful after a while, which is why I've pretty much stopped playing it. I also used to play WolfPlay a lot when I was younger, but stopped because it just wasn't the kind of game where you could take breaks. So I've always a game with wolves like Lioden, and I finally got it
  11. Katumai


    I think I actually like this game better than Lioden-
  12. Katumai


    My account number #8552, trying to save up to buy this one wolf dtfyghuki
  13. She was pretty cool and I really enjoyed her stories whenever I watched one of her videos-but I mostly watched (and still watch) Seri because something about Jessi's voice just put me off I guess?? It was just too soft for me to really pay attention rsertdygh
  14. estrdtgyhuj-I studied cat genetics in my free time for a few years, so I find it fun to make Warriors ocs based on actual cat genetics 🤷‍♂️ But I'm also the kind of person who mixes brown with grey on a cat design, so really my ocs are all over the place
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