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  1. It's me, ya boy, Kat, finally joining a SS anyway uh. Doxx my beloved I'll try my best to explain his personality but he's just so. weird. so if my explanation doesn't work and you really need something to go off of: Kokichi from Danganronpa (that's the thing I based him off initially) He's very uh. Eccentric. And odd. He's never really seen with anything but a smile on his face, and he has this uncanny ability to tell if someone's lying or not, and be able to know pretty much anything about them even if they've never met before. Oh yeah, he also killed a guy idk man i just woke up
  2. family tree decided to completely delete itself this time but luckily ive got actual screenshots of the whole thing so i can just stick those in there
  3. Woo next family πŸ’ƒ this one took a while (And Shinevine and Volestar are siblings, I'm just stupid and drew the lines wrong)
  4. Here's Robinflame's family-the old ones looked a lot different but what can ya do
  5. okay so i managed to salvage most of it because i had screenshots but its kinda blurry now and i have to completely redo Robinflame's family
  6. update: currently about to cry because my art program thought it would be funny to delete the layers with all the markings on them so im either going to have to suck it up and do them all over again or just move on
  7. Floodshadow has red on him but it's mostly on his back and these are just headshots which is why Robinflame is red, Rowanbloom's just,,,weird And the reason why so many of them look weird is because they're randomly generated, so I'm just kinda trying to make it all work at least a little (like my basic limit is no like gray or black cats having orange or cream kits, besides torties obviously) (and for context: I thought it would be a fun challenge to randomly generate a bunch of cats nd connect them all in a family tree) I think I got pretty close with Robinflame's kits though (in the next screenshot), besides the male torties obviously (and I don't mind, I love genetics and I'm too lazy to think about it too much while I make this thing and I think it's funny how wrong it turns out sometimes)
  8. wow okay, i see how it is 😒🀚 /lh
  9. Bit more of the family tree πŸ’ƒπŸ™Ž (I stg i hate drawing those lines, they kill my wrist βœ‹)
  10. indeed they are and theyre not going anywhere /lh (and yeah, i can handle like one or two families but the day i have to make an entire family tree's worth of genetically accurate cats is the day i officially break down πŸ’€ whenever im designing some characters i do tend to apply certain parts of genetics in there just out of...habit?? i guess?? like i almost always make the male characters get their color from the mother)
  11. heres a small part of a family tree ive been working on πŸ’ƒ
  12. Thats fine πŸ‘ do whatever you want with them
  13. these are some very pink babies
  14. I thought of this idea because I'm bored and want to do something in niche I was going to call it 'breeding chain' at first but then I realized that sounded stupid so I'll just leave it unnamed for now Anyway- basically it's...well, a breeding chain πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ one person posts a nicheling in this thread, then another person posts one and I breed those two together (gender doesn't matter, console said gay rights) For example: I post a nicheling first, then someone replies to this with their own nicheling and those two are bred together. Then, a third person posts. I breed the second nicheling with the third nicheling, the third with the fourth and so on I just really like the breeding mechanic and I need to get it all out before I end up with 70 nichelings in one of my saves πŸ’€ i'll go first i guess?? (dont mind this guy. his father is Chad)
  15. cookie gamingcookie this is sitting in a ten page topic that i dont think anyone ever reads if anyone finds it and gets mad at me for it i'll be surprised
  16. "...what are you doing?" "Hm?" The two were by a couple of bushes, Anaana watching with a raised eyebrow as Kimr balanced some of the berries on her nose. "Uh...getting food?" Anaana snorted. "Looks more like playing with food to me." "Well-" She cut herself off with a yelp as one of the berries fell off, scrambling to catch it before it rolled away into the grass. "Stop messing around, Kimr." Her friend huffed, popping the fallen berry into her mouth. "What, never had fun before, Anaana?" Anaana rolled her eyes. "Oh, sorry princess, did I offend you and your privileged life? Where I'm from you don't waste food." Kimr blinked. "Anaana, we're from the same tribe." "If you can even call it that." "Yeah, we, um-" Reese piped up for the first time, pausing as the two other females turned to look at her. "W-we, uh, kinda came from a different spot than you did, Kimr. It...wasn't all that pleasant..." The three were quiet for a moment, before Anaana sighed, grabbing the remaining berries from Kimr's paws. "I'll be right back." And with that, she left, leaving the other two staring at the spot she was just in.
  17. OH OKAY, thanks ghjgyju
  18. Which character had it?? Sorry i havent read the original in a while
  19. The sea was calm. The air was cool and light, gently ruffling the fur of the gathered nichelings as they hopped off the last of the stones. A perfectly normal group. Nothing strange. Nothing abnormal. Just some nichelings. The two adults peered into the grass, ears pricked for any danger, while the children stayed behind them. Some nervous, some unbothered, and some watching the traveling stones slowly sink behind them. A pair of twins sat at the back, the one with whiskers pressing close to her brother with a nervous gaze. Her ear twitched every once in a while. Her brother sat calmly, expression unchanging aside from a slight narrowing of his eyes. A normal group. Almost. From left to right: Pol-Uncursed Anael-Uncursed Beam-Uncursed Lake-??? Luski-??? Kimr-Uncursed Reese-Uncursed Anaana-Uncursed Rokeran-Uncursed
  20. alright its official Kevin and OBBACL are being continued!! i'll have the OBBACL sequel started sometimes today i think and Kevin will be back from his trip to Disneyland sometime soon i promise maybe i'll continue IL too sometime
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