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  1. for context we were playing yttd
  2. I mostly like gills because they look funny and definitely stick out amongst a tribe-which is good for me because i have a lot of tribes whose nichelings end up looking really similar and I end up breeding everyone with the wrong person, so if I need to find one of my gilled nichelings I can just look and go 'yep thats them' and save the headache also mask pattern c looks neat on them,,
  3. TIL-or more like...a few months ago i learned- frogs swallow their food with their eyes
  4. I noticed a while ago that stripes look pretty weird on bat head
  5. so recently me and cookie gamingcookie had an adventure in ai dungeon, and it was uh,, interesting? y'know, like my dead space crab coming back to life and uh and then it,,sacrificed itself?? i dont know really but it was very sad,, anyway i made a promise to space crab that i would fight god so me and cookie went to challenge him with bean crocs and the gay blade cookie beat him in a game of mariocart and it was all very cool they are super rad and then we made god cry a really strange battle happened that ended in me co
  6. and on another note heres some wips for a thing i hope to actually get done soon
  7. i dont have anything fancy to say about this its literally just Sondam-
  8. I could try, though I don't know how much help I would be-I don't have any kind of disability that would equate to something like a deformed paw, but I do have ADD and a (pretty much) blind eye
  9. I just had some babies hatch if anyone wants them
  10. Bubbli seemed to choke on her words a little, coughing as she stared at Jest with bristled fur and wide eyes. "She...ate her mom? Why would she do that? That's disgusting-"
  11. "Hm?" Snowdove watched as Lanasi came closer, not really thinking as she lashed out and grabbed her, pulling her over near where she had Cademe pinned.
  12. "Yeah..." Thettlethorn shook his head, coming back to his senses as he cautiously stood up, stumbling a little from the dizzyness.
  13. Bubbli blinked. "After what she-what?" She seemed confused more than anything, but didn't push it, looking back as Hennasire stopped walking. "What's wrong?" She asked. "Something's weird..." Hennasire muttered, staring into space for a moment before running to catch up with Jest.
  14. (damn reading that made me realize just how big the group is-) They started following, though Hennasire seemed hesitant and kept looking back at where Lanasi had ran off. "Pink thing?" Bubbli asked, having not met Forest before.
  15. Bubbli and Hennasire shared an odd glance, but neither said anything else about it. "Where is everyone? We saw Caution out there, but he ran off before we could say anything to him, an Hazard wasn't with him..." Hennasire said quietly.
  16. (she can if you want, i cant think of anything else for her to do dtfuygihoo)
  17. Bubbli raised an eyebrow at the nickname, but didn't comment on it, looking in the direction Lanasi ran off in. "Where is she going?"
  18. APoD And finally, who could forget this one? God there's so much I wanna say about this playthrough, but to keep it brief-Doxx is great, everyone has some form of twisted backstory and no, i dont feel bad for killing Agnes it needed to happen guys
  20. IL Ah yes, my third baby. This isn't discontinued if anyone was wondering, I've mostly just been trying to sort out the plot. Also there's a uh...questionable story choice in there I've been holding off on showing-
  21. D E S P A I R OKAY LISTEN-This isn't discontinued, I honestly don't know what the hell I'm going to do with it, I got more focused on my actual DR ocs and in all honesty I was scared of writing an entire class trial like HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE THINGS it might be updated, it might not, but I do really like Acacia still
  22. Wicked Okay, while I still LOVE the idea of nichelings with magic, this thing just kinda...died. I don't even have an explanation, I literally just stopped playing it-I think it was my laptop's terrible graphic speed which caused a ton of lag but I don't even know oh and Crosskill is also still being used-
  23. OBBACL Ah yes, my second baby. I think was the real first time I had a cohesive story going on. I still have the save somewhere and I really liked writing this while it lasted, a lot of the characters are very near to my heart still and I still use them for stuff (mostly my lore), it just started to become draining.
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