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    Here's some more pictures of the babies because I love so much its ridiculous and they all have names now you cant see them all in that picture but (from what i could tell, its hard when theyre little) theres 4 girls and 2 boys Theyre all named after characters from media because. im me Theres Philla (white), Toko (brown and white tabby), Peko (gray and white), Sou (gray and white), Clementine (black and white) and Basil (gray tabby) ive only had them for a few days but if anything happened to them i would kill everyone in this room and then myself and here
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  3. unless you want to read the 150 danganronpa fanfics i have bookmarked then i cant really help you
  4. does this count as art
  5. 'i'll update this soon' i say as i dont update it for nearly a month uh anyway i'll try to have something out soon i've just been kinda drained in terms of inspiration
  6. woah look at me finishing a wip for once how surprising
  7. its 2 am and i finally got rid of my art block so heres some yttd cats
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    Nope. I'm not sure if his wings were clipped or if he just really doesn't know how to fly, but he stays outside all the time and he doesn't fly away. im pretty sure he thinks hes a chicken
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    I live in the country so we're allowed to have more pets than most people probably do- Anyway, I think most people already know about Foggie jr by now, but if you don't-he's a duck. Foggie jr is a duck. Yes, i have a duck im at my dad's house right now so I dont really have proper pictures, but heres one of him in the snow: I also have 5 chickens who follow him everywhere and have basically become some kind of bird mafia, they go around chasing any living thing and biting them. Especially dogs, whenever my mom's friends come over with their little dogs Foggie jr and his squ
  10. Oh boy, i am full of fears everyone knows my horrible fear of dogs, but I'm also scared of loud noises, elevators, being underwater too long, and uh...vents. Yeah i know that last one is kinda weird but a while ago one of the vents in my house got infested with bugs and now being close to them makes me nervous
  11. for context we were playing yttd
  12. I mostly like gills because they look funny and definitely stick out amongst a tribe-which is good for me because i have a lot of tribes whose nichelings end up looking really similar and I end up breeding everyone with the wrong person, so if I need to find one of my gilled nichelings I can just look and go 'yep thats them' and save the headache also mask pattern c looks neat on them,,
  13. TIL-or more like...a few months ago i learned- frogs swallow their food with their eyes
  14. I noticed a while ago that stripes look pretty weird on bat head
  15. so recently me and cookie gamingcookie had an adventure in ai dungeon, and it was uh,, interesting? y'know, like my dead space crab coming back to life and uh and then it,,sacrificed itself?? i dont know really but it was very sad,, anyway i made a promise to space crab that i would fight god so me and cookie went to challenge him with bean crocs and the gay blade cookie beat him in a game of mariocart and it was all very cool they are super rad and then we made god cry a really strange battle happened that ended in me co
  16. ai dungeon is weird guys
  17. and on another note heres some wips for a thing i hope to actually get done soon
  18. i dont have anything fancy to say about this its literally just Sondam-
  19. I could try, though I don't know how much help I would be-I don't have any kind of disability that would equate to something like a deformed paw, but I do have ADD and a (pretty much) blind eye
  20. I just had some babies hatch if anyone wants them
  21. Bubbli seemed to choke on her words a little, coughing as she stared at Jest with bristled fur and wide eyes. "She...ate her mom? Why would she do that? That's disgusting-"
  22. "Hm?" Snowdove watched as Lanasi came closer, not really thinking as she lashed out and grabbed her, pulling her over near where she had Cademe pinned.
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