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  1. My friend was playing niche and this really pretty anteater was born and I loved her Skip to the next island, she only has three creatures left, and sacrifices one to stay behind so a bearyena wont kill the other two. They run, the one creature attacks the bearyena, and then a defender bear MCFRICKEN TAKES IT OUT ON MY ANTEATER CHILD AND KILLS HER I got so mad that I killed every living thing around me with the console ….Did I mention it was the Repopulation challenge? Probably not important but yeah
  3. Somehow I got Ravenclaw and Gryffindor So, Gryffinclaw?
  4. Seriously, should I? help im scared , the fact that she's his daughter makes it worse. and the other creature is literally her mom what have I done
  6. Can you do her then?: (Sorry if I'm bothering you, by the way)
  7. Alright, sorry! I thought it was optional
  8. Once when I was I telling my friend about the Whale island update, I spelt 'wings' as 'wangs' and my friend said she literally started wheezing. Good times.
  9. Are you still doing these?
  10. This is for Skysplash8's challenge! I got a bit carried away...there's a lot of screenshots- Here's the settings (I probably got something wrong) Here's my creature, not overpowered. Time to play! Here we are! Wait... OH SH- This is actually pretty cool! Of course the only food source around is a mcfricken cactus. JOIN ME Shrek is stalking us with this pedo rouge A BABY We're gonna starve. Great.
  11. I actually didn't know, thanks for telling me! poor sushi
  12. Slot4.nichesave (Adam's quest) (I think) (I'm probably wrong) Slot1.nichesave Slot3.nichesave Slot3.nichesave I'm %90 sure they're all 1.1.7 Slot3.nichesave Slot2.nichesave Slot3.nichesave Slot4.nichesave Slot0.nichesave Slot1.nichesave Slot1.nichesave
  13. Wait nevermind they're brown And here's a better picture of her
  14. Let me dig through my massive pile of screenshots for a sec
  15. Well, if you want can you do Raspberry or Cherry? (Raspberry is the mother, and Cherry is the baby) Or you can do Shark:
  16. WHO ARE YOU- Meringue screams at him to stop stealing the food, but he ends up joining the tribe. Cupcake befriends the baby bearyena after Spinach one-shots his mom. Spinach and Marshmallow decide to breed, because they could have some good, strong children. Coco is a full hunter now! Meringue goes to sit next to Milky, but remembers what Syrup told him and backs off a little. Here's Marshmallow's new son! I mean, it goes ON food, right? Meringue and Milky calmly chat while collecting nuts. Cinn
  17. Katumai


    I was bored, so I drew Meringue! Spots and ram horns are a pain to draw by the way- I honestly hate how it turned out-
  18. Alright, update: Milky and Meringue start collecting the shells, and Meringue tries but fails to catch some fish. Milky is not impressed. What do I even caption this? Sushi got impaled by a razorania while it's minions swim around him? Coco finally steps out of the nest, while pretty much half the tribe stares at her like they have never seen a kid before. Meringue sits alone on the beach, considering everyone is scared of him. Milky, being the kind soul she is, takes the risk of sitting next to him. She doesn't care if she gets sick, it's her job to
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