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  1. Ah yes, the one where I made a bunch of people uncomfortable, fun on the bright side, Cream came out of this, and Cream is always a good thing
  2. Does this one even count? It was one of those playthroughs where you pass the save around and all I remember is that I really liked this one nichelng with digging trunk
  3. WP Not much to say, it was a warrior cats playthrough with nichelings from other people and in all honesty, I hated writing it-I'm not sure why?? I guess writing other peoples' characters was something I never really enjoyed
  4. APNP Ah yes, my very first playthrough and my third ever topic on the forums. It was boring and had like no story, but I did use one of the characters from there in another playthrough later. If you've read OBBACL, you know.
  5. i also just wanna look back at my old playthroughs and have them all in one spot so 🤷‍♂️ give me a minute to go find everything
  6. "Yeah..." He answered, seeming shaken. There was a distinct bite mark around the back of his neck, but it wasn't deep enough to draw much blood. He was staring at Cademe as he struggled under the nicheling's grip, hissing and spitting profanities. "I'm fine..."
  7. "WH-" Cademe hissed and let go of Thettlethorn, swiping his claws at Jerry's face as he snarled. He shook in fury as he stared at them, looking like he was about to explode. "I'm so goddamn sick-" Before he could finish, something tackled him, knocking him over into the undergrowth. A white shape held him down as he struggled, bleeding and breathing heavily themself. "What...the hell..." The nicheling panted, looking over at Thettlethorn and Jerry. "Are you...okay?" She asked, still breathless. (It's Snowdove by the way, if you're wondering-)
  8. Without answering, Cademe simply hopped over her, looking back and scoffing. "I'm real scared." He said, grabbing Thettlethorn by the back of the neck as he tried to run away, dragging him over. "I'm sick of you. Just die already." He growled, starting to bite down on Thettlethorn's neck.
  9. Cademe snarled down at Jerry with a glare, leaning his head down to look at her. "Move. Now." He said, slightly lifting one of his paws with his claws out.
  10. The nicheling stared for a moment, before half smiling and half glaring. "You're like a little rabbil, I could snap your neck with one bite." He leaned over to look at Thettlethorn behind Jerry. "You're making friends with animals now? Sad." "Shut up Cademe..." Thettlethorn said quietly, glaring at his own paws and flinching when the nicheling-Cademe-starting walking towards him with a snarl.
  11. "Mhm, I'm fine..." Thettlethorn responded, warily sitting up and rubbing his head. "Hi..." He said quietly to the nicheling, who just scoffed. "What are you doing out here? I thought mom would have starved you to death by now." His eyes flickered over to Jerry, and he blinked. "Is that a bearyena? What the hell?"
  12. Thettlethorn kept running, not exactly sure where he was going but trying to remember the way that they came. Not realizing how fast he was running, he tripped over some kind of root sticking out of the ground, tumbling right into some nicheling that seemed to come out of nowhere. "Ow! You little b-" The nicheling whipped around to look at Thettlethorn, and his gaze darkened. "Oh great, you're still alive." He growled.
  13. "Oh, yeah!" He jumped up, darting back into the jungle without waiting for Jerry. "C'mon!"
  14. Thettlethorn tried to ignore that last part, hurrying over to Jerry and crouching down next to them. He leaned in closer to the burrow and sniffed, trying to see if there was anything inside. "It might be empty, my tribe likes killing them..."
  15. He blinked at the butterfly with wide eyes, then started giggling himself, a wide smile on his face. "It is kinda pretty."
  16. He blinked and walked towards her, looking down at her paws. "What are you doing with it?"
  17. "What are you doing?" He watched Jerry curiously. "It's just a bug."
  18. all of the damage sliders are off so the only way for them to die is old age
  19. as you can see i took some creative liberties with a few names-
  20. Well you see, Chad has magical god abilities that allow to him have children just by breathing no actually i just set all life stages to 1 except adult and bred nichelings every day
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