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  1. A couple of my breeding pairs just had new babies
  2. As long as a nicheling is brown and white it's stolen my heart, brown and white is my favorite color combination (not as in brown and white fur mixed together but brown with white pattern and vice versa) I also really like orange eyes (because orange is my favorite color) but not a lot of nichelings have them 😔 Mask is great too, I love just how many different and weird combinations you can get on different head and body types-my nichesona for example has a rectangular stripe on the top of her head As for non-cosmetic genes I don't really have a preference. I like scorpion tail
  3. i dont see what the problem is here
  4. Everyone's lifespan is set to 100
  5. hes becoming more powerful
  6. Alright how exactly do we add powers? Just tell you here or?? (sorry im not exactly smart erhifehjio)
  7. i dont know what youre talking about this is perfectly normal
  8. Unfortunately I can't help since the only other language I speak is French ^^;
  9. Well it's kinda hard for me to come up with powers without it sounding too much like pokemon (also personal issues, i prioritize those over this)
  10. oh and i can also help with art if its ever needed, like banners and backgrounds and stuff
  11. I wouldn't mind being a mod either, if you need any more My sleep schedule is all over the place so I can't gaurantee (dont mind me i cant spell right now) when I'd be on, just whenever I'm awake and there's wifi I suppose. I love doing stuff like lore and worldbuilding and I think I'm pretty decent at it so I could help with that, and believe or not I'm actually fairly organized so if you need to list or archive anything or something I could do that And-I know this is a generic answer-I could help enforce the rules if need be uh i think thats it sorry im tired
  12. i just really like adding unnecessarily gruesome death into my stories 🤷‍♂️
  13. "Hey, hey, you okay?" Doxx tilted his head downwards and blinked at Southend from the hot spring, repeatedly jabbing him with a paw. "Why are you shaking?" "Because-" He stopped to shiver. "You keep taking the damn hot springs!" "Yeah, because I'm cold! Have you seen me? I'll freeze!" "Well I'll freeze too if you don't get out of the hot spring!" "Stop being so dramatic~" He teased, closing his eyes and relaxing into the water. "You're telling me to stop being dramatic?! You're one of the most dramatic people I've ever met!" In response, Doxx just peeked an e
  14. I bought the game a while ago, but it's so laggy that it's literally unplayable for me Im not sure if your computer would run it any better
  15. Katumai

    Art programs?

    I use IbisPaint, which as far as I know is only a mobile program, but I could be wrong Before that I used Firealpaca and Krita, which both work well enough
  16. Good news: I retook the screenshots i needed for the last few chapters and I can finally finish this damn playthrough Doxx causes plenty of chaos
  17. Berrystripe sits on her dead brother as three bearyenas try to murder her
  18. The daughter of the fish and the ram Said "I am who I am" And what I am is a freak of nature The daughter of the ram and the fish always had one secret wish that someone would love her someday but who could love someone with scales and horns? a girl who was cursed since the day she was born? she cried and she whined and she hated herself she thought "maybe if I tried I could be someone else" I've just been feeling pretty bad lately so here's some vent art using one of my danganronpa kins- not much to say, gfhg
  19. "Mhm, yeah, okay." He said dismissively, still trying to stop laughing. He looked back towards the jungle, seeming distracted again.
  20. "Oh yeah, I'm r-real scared!" He wheezed out, trying and failing to hold in his laugh. "Don't worry, you'll be scary someday!"
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