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  1. I have some good news- I'll be updating this sometime today, I just finished another update on my other playthrough though, so give me a while I have some big plans....
  2. Meirei sat under the tree, listening as the rain softly hit the leaves. She was barely focused on gathering food now, her mind wandering. "Meirei." She turned, surprised to see Pidge standing a few feet away. The grey female was looking anywhere but her. Meirei scoffed, narrowing her eyes. "Look who finally decided to show up." Pidge sat down, tail flicking irritably. "I've been busy." "Oh, again? Please, that's all you say anymore. You've been busy my entire life, mom." "There are things more important than you, Meirei!" Pidge snapped back, claws digging into the earth as she grew more and more annoyed. "More important than me? You're own daughter? Wow, that's a load of certyune if I've ever heard it, mom." "Don't pull that with me, Meirei!" Pidge snarled, standing up, looking really pissed now. "Oh, what are you gonna do? Attack me? Go ahead!" Meirei stood up now too, looking her mother straight in the eyes. "It's not like you haven't done it before! God, did you ever even love me?!-" "I DO LOVE YOU!" Silence fell upon them, Meirei slightly shocked as Pidge closed her eyes, shaking. "I love you so much, it hurts! But..." She opened her eyes, gazing at the ground for a heartbeat. Her eyes shot up to stare at Meirei. "Everytime I look at you, I see what I lost. Who I lost. I could have had a perfect life, one where your father loved me and I wasn't such a wreck." She turned her head away, glaring at the distance. "So I don't look at you. I don't think about it. And I convince myself that I don't love you, Meirei." She whipped around, starting back into the rain and towards the unknown. "And if it means hurting you...so be it."
  3. "You know...." Rain opened her eyes, glancing over at Peril, who was at next to her, watching Ukii and Ityup play on the shore. "You should really get a mate, Rain." That woke her up. Rain bolted upright, shaking the sleepiness from her head. "A...mate?" She blinked, and immediately thoughts of pink-grey fur and black eyes filled her head. "Yeah, a mate." Peril said again, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "No nicheling is complete without a mate in their life, what, were you planning to just stay single?" "Well, I mean..." Rain was at a loss for words-so what? Why did it matter if she didn't want a mate? That wasn't Peril's business. "Anyway, I think Okerian would be a great mate." Rain froze, trying to process if she heard Peril right. "O....Okerian?" Peril scoffed. "Yeah, that's like, what I said? Anyway, it's not like there's any other quality males in the tribe. He's strong and he's handsome, what more could you want?" "Well..." Rain took a deep breath, leaning her paw over the ridge she lay on, and ran it through the sand on the shore below. "What...what about a female?" Peril stared at her as if she had grown a second head. "You...have to be joking, right? A female? Oh please, that's ridiculous. What about when you want to have children? What then?" "I-" "No, shut up. That joke wasn't funny. That was sick. Now, never say that again, and go get with Okerian."
  4. Rain decides to pay Tuyo and Peril a visit while Abandon is on a hunting trip for the next few days. "What's her name?" She asked gently, referring to the newborn buried in Peril's fur. Something felt off about the baby...the golden fur gave her the creeps. Peril smiled proudly. "Ukii." Rain squinted, looking at the ground in thought. "I haven't heard that word before, what does it mean?" The golden nicheling uncurled her tail, smiling as she got a better look at the newborn. "Treasure."
  5. Aymi gives birth to twin boys, Cardinal and Robin. "Who's their dad?" Clyk asked, stars in his eyes as he stared intently at Robin. Aymi stiffened, pulling her son closer. "That's none of your business!" She snapped, almost feeling guilty as Clyk flinched back. "Go bother Falcon or something."
  6. "Catch!" "Ow!" Clyk recoiled, watching as Meirei rubbed the spot on her head where the acorn hit her. "Sorry!" Meirei just shot him a glare, picking up the fallen acorn and cracking it open. Aymi sat a few feet away, occasionally glancing at the two. She was stuck watching them after Feather went hunting and Pidge made another excuse to not pay attention to her own daughter. Those two were more trouble than she could handle at times. Suddenly, she caught the scent of something familiar. Someone familiar. Aymi looked up, watching as Feather trotted back over to the tree, a rabbil hanging limply from his jaws. "Dad!" Clyk called out happily, dropping the nut he was holding and bounding over to his father, almost knocking Feather's legs out from beneath him with his heavy tail. "Woah! Calm down!" Feather replied, voice muffled. He dropped the rabbil, leaning down to bump his head against his son's affectionately. "I wasn't gone that long." The two walked back towards Aymi, Clyk rambling about how hard he could whack the tree with his tail. "Thanks for watching him, Aymi." Feather smiled, sighing when he noticed just how tired the female looked. "No problem, it's not your fault he's obnoxious." "H-hey, Feather?" Feather looked down, smiling at Meirei as she shyly looked up at him. "H-have you seen my mom?" Feather sighed, ruffling the fur on her head with one paw. "Sorry kid, I haven't. I'll tell her to come see you if I do, okay?" Meirei simply nodded, trudging back over to Clyk.
  7. Several new lives come into the world one stormy night. Meirei (meaning 'Joy'), the daughter of Pidge and Tuyo. Unfortunately, her father never came to visit her. She was overshadowed. Yoko (meaning 'Storm'), the secondborn child of Serenity and Falcon. And finally- Ityup (meaning 'Pride'), the beautiful daughter of Peril and Tuyo. This little one was loved dearly the moment her parents saw her. The only reason she even existed was because Tuyo finally gave into his desires. Pidge and Feather were forgotten, left alone to raise their respective children on their own. Peril finally got what she always wanted. Pidge got her worst nightmare.
  8. Some time later, Klyk is born. Feather is greatly pleased, staring at his son with a fondness that nobody had ever seen on him before. Peril is unimpressed, simply giving her child a glance before locking her eyes on Tuyo, who is sadly staring at the new family. She smiles at him. Clover passes suddenly. She just, dropped. Her only company being Aymi. The tribe grieved heavily for their lost matriarch. Abandon wasn't the same afterwards. Pidge informed everyone that she was pregnant. Unfortunately. Tuyo didn't seem to care. "Dammit!" Rain flinched, opening her eyes to see that Abandon had accidently let a fish slip from her claws again. "You okay?" She asked gently, stretching out on the sand. The other female closed her eyes, letting out an aggravated sigh. "I can't focus..." Rain stood up, stepping down onto the shore so that her paws were just barely under the water. "Need help?" "No, no, I've got it. I've got it..." Abandon stared as a fish passed by, before striking out her claws again. All that accomplished was her falling face first into the deeper water. "FEIVET!" She screamed in rage, popping back up and lashing at a rock in fury. Rain stared, eyes wide. "I don't even understand that word, so I'm going to assume that it's a swear so bad that you would rather not teach me it." Abandon was breathing heavily, standing stock-still for a few heartbeats, before flopping down on the sand next to Rain. She sighed, digging her claws into the ground. "Feel like talking about it?" The blue nicheling asked, sitting down next to her friend. "I..." Abandon started, sounding hesitant. She stared into the water. "I...I miss her. I miss mom. So much." Rain felt a pang of sympathy hit her. She missed her mother too, even if she couldn't really remember her. It must be hard for Abandon. "First my father left, and now mom is dead...she was all I had left of my immediate family-Pidge doesn't count, she doesn't even like me-I have my half siblings, but...mom was special. She was such a good nichelings. How am I supposed to live without her here with me?" Abandon didn't even realize she was crying, only noticing that her voice started to break at the end. "I may not completely get how you feel, but, Abandon...just...just know that she's okay. You'll see her again someday. And in the meantime, you'll have to make due with memories. She's not gone as long as you remember her." "And, Abandon..." The other female finally looked up, eyes glittering. "Yeah?" "I'm here if you ever need me. I'll be here forever, okay? Just talk to me." The two were silent for a moment, Abandon staring at Rain, who was getting anxious that she said something wrong. Then, Abandon snorted, chuckling as a smile broke out on her face. "Damn, that was cheesy as hell, Rain!" She cackled, wiping a tear from her eye. Rain couldn't help but laugh too. "Yeah, I'm aware." As they both laughed wholeheartedly, Rain couldn't help but notice that her pelt was growing a little warmer.
  9. The grass felt wet on her paws as Rain trotted over towards the berry bushes, ready to pick from the overflowing bushes. As she got closer, she squinted, noticing grey and yellow against the green. Yelling also echoed in her ears. Curious, she crouched, ducking behind a large stone. As she got closer, she realized the two shapes were Pidge and Peril. "I know what you're doing!" Pidge hissed, tail lashing wildy. Peril stared at her good paw, casually inspecting the blunt claws. "Oh really?" "Yes!" Pidge snapped back, obviously bothered by the female's lack of concern. "Why are you doing this? You have Feather wrapped around your paw, why do you want my mate so badly?" Peril's gaze snapped up, and her eyes turned sharp. "He's not your mate." She spat out, her ear twitching irritably. "He was mine as soon as I saw him. And he obviously isn't interested in you anyway, when was the last time you had a conversation with him? Face it, he loves me, not you. He may be your mate in title, but he's mine." Pidge was shaking now, from sadness or from anger, Rain couldn't tell. "You can anyone you want, do you know how many nichelings would kill to be your mate? Please, just leave him alone, let me have him. Just let me keep him. I love him. Please, just don't take him from me-" Her tone grew more and more desperate as she went on, and Rain could tell she was biting back a sob at the end. "You don't know how much he means to me, Peril." Peril slowly raised her eyes, a blank expression resting on her face. After a few agonizing heartbeats, she started to chuckle, breaking into a full on laughing fit. After a few moments, she wiped away a tear, a huge smile on her face. "Yeah sure, I'll keep that in mind." She joked. Having had enough, Pidge leapt at the female, screaming in fury. Rain could only stare in shock, before realizing how much Pidge could actually hurt Peril. She leapt in, shoving away Pidge with all her strength. Pidge stared in shock, still pissed off out of her mind. "Rain?! Stay out of this!" "Pidge, calm down! You can't just attack a pregnant nicheling!" Pidge froze for a heartbeat, before glaring and letting out a deep snarl. "Maybe that child deserves to die."
  10. About a moon passes, and things change. Little Okierian is born on a stormy night, warm and safe next to his proud mother. Peril and Feather have become mates, much to Tuyo's disappointment. Pidge is obviously upset with this, they were already mates, why did he care that Peril got a mate? The thought made her heart ache, especially since he seemed even more upset once Peril announced that she was carrying Feather's child. Clover isn't long for this world, she's growing older and weaker by the day. Aymi stays at her side. Abandon and Rain spend plenty of time together, Rain having learned a fair amount of Fyānsian.
  11. After teaching Rain some of the new language, Abandon realized she has to go gather food. She offers to teach Rain how to fish. "No thanks, I'll just watch." Abandon shrugged, diving after a school of minnows. The water was making Rain nervous, but for the life of her, she couldn't figure out why... After gathering some food, many of the tribe members gathered to converse under the tree. It felt nice, just talking. Rain lay next to Abandon, still wary of the others. They seemed nice enough-well, asides from Pidge... "Your tribe is kinda small, why is that?" Everyone went silent, staring at the bird nicheling like she had grown a second head. Rain shrunk back, cringing as she pressed against Abandon. "The world is cruel, our tribe used to be a lot bigger." Serenity finally answered from her spot next to Falcon. "Our parents all died of natural causes, and our mother should be following suit soon. It's a miracle she's still here." Rain blinked. "Didn't you have any siblings?" At that, Feather noticably stiffened, staring at the ground with a scowl. "Yeah. We did. My brother Pipenburn didn't last long, unfortunately." Feather shrugged like t was no big deal, but Rain could see the immense pain behind his eyes. "I have two." Aymi spoke up. "Serenity is my sister, we had an older brother, Walnut. He...was reckless." She didn't say anymore, shifting the top of an acorn around with one paw. Serenity was also quiet, looking at the sky. "I also have two..." Abandon said, looking down at Rain. Pidge scoffed. "Yeah, unfortunately. We have the same father, and we had a brother too. Our scummy father took him when he left the tribe." Rain could sense this was a sore spot for everyone, even Tuyo and Peril, who were orginally wanderers. "Did...you all have different fathers?" Feather nodded. "Mine was less of a father and more of a...sire, I suppose? Her name was Lyra. I guess she used some sort of goddess magic or whatever so I could exist." "Our father was Angel. He was quite sweet, although I didn't know him long." Serenity got up and sat next to Aymi, resting her tail on her sister's back. "And ours was Snowy Blood." Pidge scoffed, not noticing the look Abandon shot her. "Some father he was." "Wow...I-I'm sorry..." Abandon shook her head. "Don't be, it was all a long time ago, Rain." "So, who are your parents?" Tuyo finally spoke, glancing at Peril. Rain froze, looking at the ground. "I...I don't know." "You don't know?" Peril sounded mildly shocked, fur bristling. "I remember some things...like...my mother had black fur and white horns...my father had violet eyes and ram horns...but, I can't figure out any names. I don't even remember what tribe I came from." Everyone was quiet after that, nobody spoke a word, even as night fell and they rested.
  12. Feather and Serenity discover a loner at the borders, who introduces himself as Falcon. Feather, finding him horribly annoying, leaves to inform Clover. However, Serenity stays, finding him strangely charming. Meanwhile, back at camp, Tuyo speaks with Peril, completely ignoring his mate a few feet away. Pidge, although dejected, keeps on collecting berries. She knows what Peril is doing, and she has to keep herself from running over and snapping the arrogant female's neck.
  13. fun fact: i had to reset the save a total of 11 TIMES, because Rain wouldnt fricking spawn in as blue-
  14. give me a moment to dig it up from my 200 notepad files
  15. just a little funfact, Pidge and Aymi's lines translate to: "How the hell do you crack these things?" "It's pretty standard, Pidge. You're just kind of dumb."
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