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  1. in terms of right then, i just stood and took it like i always do. people have said worse, and im used to it-but it doesnt mean it doesnt hurt. honestly, loneliness and sadness may as well be my default emotions these days. i havent felt something close to genuine happiness in a while, especially since i finished all my favorite shows and all of them are either never getting new seasons or i have to wait for them (one of them isnt getting a new season until December, great...). so, i wouldnt exactly say im feeling better, but those emotions arent as intense as they were before. i actually appreciate you asking, thanks tyguhijokpl
  2. uh, sorry i guess? just to be clear, its kind of disrespectful to respond to someone like that-especially someone who just talked about why they arent felling so great so just. dont do that? honestly it just makes me feel like youre trying to get me to pity you, then again, im not the most rational person
  3. Ah yes, my favorite topic: talking about feelings. awesome but in all seriousness, it might feel nice to talk about it, so here ya go: Its really lonely over here, honestly. I just sit in my room all day and do whatever, considering my mom would rather do literally anything else aside from talk to me it seems ftgyhuiop Im mostly just feeling bad because of something that happened last night-it uh, wasnt fun. Lets just say that a few family friends came over and decided it was a good idea to insult me because i didnt think the same things that they did (to be more specific: the fact that i didnt want kids and that i wasnt religious. fun) the text in parentheses is white so i dont get yelled at hopefully
  4. "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait-the ice is bleeding?" She stood up, walking over to stand next to Floof and narrow her eyes at the blood. "Yep. That is absolutely not normal last time I checked."
  5. "Oh, I'm sorry...I never knew my father, and my mother left me to fend for myself as soon as I could find food. I can't fully understand how hard that must have been." Pine stopped eating, leaning to the left to look behind Floof. "Oh boy, what just broke?....something did just break, right? I mean, for all I know that could have easily been someone dying-why in the world am I still talking?"
  6. "I was born on a different island, a lot like this one. Joined a tribe and got kicked out a few weeks later because I'm nearly infertile." He glared at his paws. He was still salty about that.
  7. "Interesting name. Not in a bad way, though." He pulled back, scratching at a spot on his head. "How did you end up out here? Or were you born here?" "Uhhhh...." FR looked around frantically, searching for literally any ideas. She hated her actual name. A lot. There was absolutely no way she was introducing herself like that. Thanks a lot mom.... Eventually, her gaze landed on a pine tree. "Pppppiinneee?" Wait, that sounds more like a question- "Pine. My name's Pine." let's hope I can lie well enough...
  8. "I guess we're on the same boat then." He held out a paw to her. "I'm Nishi."
  9. Nishi flicked an ear, turning to look at whoever was behind him. Huh, apparently people do live here. "Hello." He smiled, turning to face her. "Didn't know anyone was around here."
  10. FR blinked at him, a little surprised with how he was just going ham on that thing. Then, she let out an almost-chuckle, laying down a few feet away and tearing at the clownkoi. "You're a strange one."
  11. Nishi was off somewhere, helping himself to some random meat he found in the snow-hey, you do eat what you have to if you want to survive. It didn't exactly taste good though, he was probably going to regret that later. Oops. "I wouldn't be eating random things all willy-nilly if they hadn't kicked me out..." He grumbled, glaring at his paws. His stupid tribe tossed him out just because he was nearly infertile-who in the world does that? It's starting to get lonely out here...
  12. For whatever reason, she cracked a smile, pushing the rabbil towards him. "Sure. I haven't eaten fish since I was a kid, and I nearly drowned trying to get the darn thing."
  13. FR seemed to spot him, flicking her ear. Who is that? She wondered. He...looked sad. She felt kinda bad for him. Mustering up some courage, she hopped over, stopping just a few feet away. The rabbil fell from her jaws as she dropped it in front of him so she could actually speak. "Hungry?" She asked, scraping her paw through the snow. She was never too great at social interaction.
  14. i cant fall asleep even though im exhausted so i may as well rp here ftgyhujikolp Fr (Fake Ramfox) jumped through the snow, staring intently at a rabbil. This was the only prey she had seen in days, and to be honest, she felt she might die if she didn't get some food. Taking one more step forward, she lunged, snapping the rabbil's neck with one quick bite. "Gotcha." She mumbled to herself.
  15. She shook her head violently, sitting down at the edge next a cluster of bushes. "This wasn't supposed to happen, I didn't-I never wanted it-look at me, Issi! I can't be a mother!" She panicked, starting to tear up. She looked completely and utterly helpless. (im going braindead because its 6:00 am over here so with that-im goin to bed tfgyhujikop)
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