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  1. thalia

    Some art of mine!

    Here's Aethersky's nicheling! Didn't do shading, because I was terrified of messing it up, haha!
  2. thalia

    Some art of mine!

    I'm home from my trip, which ended up being so much busier than I thought! My apple pencil also decided to die like 10 minutes into the first plane ride and I got so annoyed bc I got so little work done. Sorry for all the excuses! Still, I got the first request done and sent to the owner of the character and I'm very close to done on the lineart with the second one. The first one was time consuming as heck because I'm a slow artist and I tried to experiment a little, but the rest of them hopefully won't take as long! If y'all wanna see it, here's the first one done if the owner of the character is okay with me sharing it
  3. thalia

    Some art of mine!

    Sorry for forgetting to check this thread ( or the forum in general lol )! I have a 2 or 3 hour flight tomorrow so I think I'll be able to get cracking on some of these requests :)
  4. thalia

    Some art of mine!

    Hi! So I'm not usually the type to be active on forums, but I love Niche so here goes nothing! I use the Niche Amino a lot, so the characters in images first and fifth are gifts or requests for other people on there ( Anaresi is the username of the owner of the first one, and the fifth one is owned by Spice). The second image is just a boy of mine, and the third and fourth are of a nicheling with some made up genes ( cough freckle pattern cough ) that I use to represent myself! Third image, I drew because I dyed my hair ombre pink, and the fourth is just cropped from the reference sheet I made for them. I'm rambling, right? Anyways, these are basically in order of age, which is weird because I think the oldest one is my favorite. But I have so many slightly different art styles that I'm not surprised some of these look worse than others. The first one is from October, and the last one is from either late February or sometime this month.And this isn't all the art I've made in that timespan, just a few of my favorite sin a sea of mehhhhh. Anyways, I hope you like my art! I'm down to take requests and stuff like that, but if I get a lot of them I'm sorry if I can't take them all. Thanks for reading! Also, sorry if the resolution on these is bad, I draw on my phone and on my iPad so the quality drops a little transferring them to my laptop.
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