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  1. Maybe also have something like the 100% less launch speed tech give you two more, so there would be builds that launch weapons before firing
  2. 450446 No? It would just show connection with lines rather than checking which tags match. It wouldn't make it more confusing than redstone, what makes redstone somewhat confusing is bugs and space limitations, with this in nimbatus you could put logic gates in whatever order you want and it would still connect.
  3. I destroyed all the towers emitting the radiating circles (2 of them), looked around for more and found none, yet the shield is still on?
  4. Magnets. I made a no thruster craft with a magnet and a factory, but it stops working when it hits and object at a certain point.
  5. This was so confusing to me for a while since I made a very similar topic ( ) and a worm like train but I don't remember writing about this.
  6. Something like a minecraft repeater would be nice, after a delay it outputs the key for how long you held it before.
  7. I played around with wheels: I don't think we need them built in I managed to make a thruster powered which goes fast and is great for going over terrain, and a motorized one that goes slower, and it might be a good idea to make motorized hinges go faster, or someone might find a way to make it without.
  8. Yeah, but almost always people who know about using the sensor use it and why have it 1x2 if it isn't used anyway.
  9. They moved freely, popped out when dug up, and seemed to fall from the surface, the planets name is Daekowo. GalaxyMap.xml
  10. The same thing can be done with a sensor sensing your drone, which is lighter and smaller.
  11. Just a tip: right now you can have high friction blocks by changing armor blocks.
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