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  1. I'm curious about the cool down timers. IS this something that is just to bring it in line with other mobile games? I send my guys off and then have to wait before I can do something else.
  2. If you'll accept someone who is mostly a lurker, I'd love to help test. Samsung Galaxy S7, Android version 8.0.0
  3. Thanks, I'll add my voice over there.
  4. Adding my voice to this suggestion. I thought New Game meant pick this save slot to start a new game.
  5. Is there a way to change my save file name once the game has started? I didn't realize I had to set it before starting the game (Am used to choosing the name when I save), so now I have 3 games called "New Game" that I cannot seem to change.
  6. Once I've rotated the island, how to do find out what side is north again?
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