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  1. Demiboy. Agender people can still use he/him.
  2. Possibly genderfluid, agender, nonbinary, ect.
  3. He snaps his head up, pupils small and fearful- until he realised who it was. "Oh, Panther!- Are you okay?" He fretted, flying to his feet. "I'll be there!"
  4. Prince Shark, meanwhile, was jokingly giving a speech about equality to an extremely bored dodomingo sat on a nest, a bit north of the kingdom.
  5. ? Bold=Adoptable = ? = may i please have this character
  6. Adelmar (Aye-del-marh) Baines (Baynz) Bonner (Bohn-uh) Causer (Caugh-zer) Denzil (Den-zill) Darca (Dark-ah) Diot (Dye-ot) Fowler (Fowl-uh) Haig (Hey-g-h) Harlan (Har-lahn)
  7. Tanu He's my confession I've got a death wish I'm in the fast lane Addicted to excess Living my best life I was on top rise Sipping the limelight Attiring the headlight
  8. boldur is a pretty egoboy huh? he needs a significant other who'll knock down that ego a few pegs...
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