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  1. Going to Tropical World! I also got a 900 page book so i'm living my life... 👍 i'll be an entire one year older
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    https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/Song-Maker/song/4599794372706304 The Hunter https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/Song-Maker/song/5967593699540992 Becomes The Hunted
  3. General Name: Epicentre Nickname: Epi Age: 12 Dragon Years, 22 Human Years Tribe: Rainwing/Leafwing/Sandwing + Silkwing/Skywing Low Content Chimera Occupation: Merchant, specifically of what Epicentre considers 'Strange' (such as scales, eyes, organs...) Gender (Pronouns): Nonbinary (They/Them, He/Him, or Name in place of pronouns) Sex: Intersex (R/L/Sa is Male, Si/Sk is Female) Orientation: Panflux Demisexual Appearance: A short, but lean green-grey and orange-red dragon. Their small, overlapping scales are iridescent, showing pink-green and pale green on the green body, legs and head, while the red horns, nose scales, tail tips, wing 'finger' and back patch are opalescent to an orangeish yellow. Epicentre does not have the visible fleshy spines that most dragons have, except on their red patches, where the spines are sharp, stocky and curl away from their body. His eye scelra are black (appearing grey in bright light), while his iris is a deep purple tinted burgundy. His pupil and flesh are white. They do not have any membrane on his body at all, including the rainwing frill patches (if they were there) or Epicentre's wings. Voice: grandson - Rock Bottom Abilities/Disabilities: -Cannot fly, due to having no wing membranes -Very weak poison, but is watery and irritating. Epicentre enjoys coating their scales with it. -Extremely flexible; able to bend wing joints forwards to pin things down with the tip of the wingfinger with little pain Mods: N/A Personality Positive 1. Open-minded - Epicentre is open to most, if not any thought that you even mention to him. 2. Self-sufficient - He knows how to keep himself alive in some (strange) situations, despite what life throws at Epicentre. 3. Well-read - Epicentre reads, and is knowledgeable or knows of many books/obsessions/hobbies. Neutral 1. Active - Always has to be doing something, no matter what it is. Being confined or not being able to move riles them up. 2. Experimental - Enjoys trying new things, and is always on the look out for exciting things. Negative 1. Erratic - Unpredictability at its finest and most dangerous; Epicentre tends to be impulsive and has no care for the consequences. 2. Flamboyant - The spotlight needs to be on them, and if it isn't, Epicentre knows how to make it. Dramatic, with a macabre flair. 3. Sadistic - Likes, or appears to enjoy, inflicting pain on others. Likes: Biology, Other Dragons (specifically hybrids), Adventures, Climbing and New Experiences Dislikes: Caves, Heat, Bright Lights, Being Denied Something That They Want and Being Mocked Secrets: Wishes that he could fly, and wants to do anything to do so; Epicentre would often try to fly as a dragonet, and is extremely embarrassed that they could not. Fears: Being buried alive, Dying without being recorded in history. Goals: To become memorable to at least a few tribes, enough that they go down in history- although they don't care what for. History Pre-birth: An accident, but a welcome one- not that the two, at the time, knew. Funnelweb was originally told she may have twins (due to a recurring theme in her family), and thus the dragonets may come out 'wrong' (Oasis curled his lip at that). Dragonethood: Epicentre was a surprise. Expecting twins, the two had prepared for a larger dragonet in the case that they did fuse; not a small, scrawny thing of a dragon. Nonetheless, he was loved as much as a dragonet could- Oasis taught them how to climb, how to fight, how to hunt if left alone. Funnelweb taught Epicentre about the world, life and death- things too large for a small mind. Teenager: Lovingly thrown out the nest as it were (Oasis had fallen ill a few months ago, and Epicentre agreed to leave), they had gone exploring, for both the morbid and normal. He had found his way in life; collecting Things, the things other dragons hated, were scared of, or simply didn't think of. He revelled in knowing things others did not, and thus learned ways to learn these- and about the Caravan Place itself. Adult: He spends his time perfecting his methods in nooks and crannies of the Place, or suddenly appearing in front of dragons and asking them bizzare questions (Can I look down your throat?), before scribbling things away with his wingfingers on precariously placed mats. Sometimes, he plays merchant, attempting to sell items and trinkets for lower prices than some. Relationships PERSONAL Parents > Oasis - my father. He was so pretty. Pretty, and petty- although I learned the worst of my trade from him, who else could I say taught me? > Funnelweb - my mother. She made Things. Things that dragons usually aren't proud of, but I'll be proud for her. Her Things are very... nice. Siblings >N/A- although Epicentre wishes they had a sibling or siblings. Mate >N/A- but he's open to them! Dragonets >N/A- but thinks theyre strange little pebbles of dragons with little brain. Still, they're fun to look at. OTHER XX Crush X Best friend x Friend OO Acquaintance NN Rival N Enemy Goateyes | Minotayr | OO A wingless man. I do wonder about his name though- has somebody grafted goat eyes onto or even into him? I'd love to see the process! Also assigned mayor of the town, it seems. Grim | Kammy | OO I've seen them about. (Long, long like a worm). I wonder if I could speak to them? They do have segments.... are they really a worm? Maybe a millipede? Xerocole | Kammy | OO Nervous. Nervous, nervous. Nervous! Are those their only thoughts? I should interview them. Null | Kammy | x Friends! At least, I believe so. She seems to enjoy the fact I go along with her and also cannot fly. Needs further evidence. I should try something brash. Extras shoutout to KlammyClaws for drawing The Boy RP Info Preferred Location: Discord RP Style: Formal/Paragraphs Preferred RP Style: Formal/Paragraphs Gore?: Y NSFW?: N (Minor)
  4. some art I have of him (not mine, drawn by a friend)
  5. This is Epicentre. He is the Draekonik (Konik) Pantheon's God of Death and Fire, with associations with Illness (although that is officially Pandemic's realm)
  6. i had to invite him in even tho we only have like 8 food
  7. made a prettyboy nicheling wanderer i found as a human
  8. cant post it, it's literally a swear i could pm you it if it's not against the rules?
  9. Name: Niklas Rank: Peasant Gender: Male Species: Nytekrie Picture:
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