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  1. Hey, I know it's been ages since I've posted here, but the term psych/p/th is an offensive term!
  2. Yup! Even biological gender is seperated into different parts- your chromosomes (XX, XY, XXY, XYY, ect), your hormones (testosterone, estrogen, ect), your cells (sometimes, a person can have both XX and estrogen and still develop testes, just because the cells didn't react!), and often there's even more subsects!
  3. You're right! However, by agreeing with the terms that Silver used ("female organs"), you're implying that because I have these "female organs" too that I am a woman, when I am a man. Do you understand why this is wrong? /nm
  4. no problem! aether even offered to have silver talk to me about it, im just waiting for silvers response
  5. all I did was replace female with AFAB and "female organs" with uterus ^^; sorry if that came off as aggressive
  6. Hi! I, myself, am a trans man. I experience the exact same thing Silver does. That does not make me female. Thanks!
  7. anyway philo has been typing for like 10 minutes so i think ill be getting banned
  8. im genuinely not sure why my mod status was taken away considering all i wanted to do was make sure people werent ableist transphobic or homophobic?
  9. oh! i have a longer list of these, if you'd be okay with me posting them?
  10. Hi! Homophobia and transphobia are issues that affect our daily lives. While your fear is completely valid, other people have to live each day in fear of being murdered for simply being different than a cishetallo white person. Please take this into consideration.
  11. dislike of or prejudice against gay people. for example, saying you support gay people but still donating to charities who do conversion therapy is still homophobia.
  12. Hi Philo! Georgie asked me to send this: he's leaving the niche forums as they're bad for her mental health. He's not going to come back, but she says he's bad with goodbyes so she's sending me to post this ^^
  13. Hi! Please do not swear, especially at another user since this is based on an offline site. I'll pass this on, and apply a week's ban to allow you to think about this.
  14. ooh! ive added to my wishlist! looks fun, especially with how you can customise characters
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