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  1. we gotta have a FUNeral 

    it's what they would of wanted

  2. Hello

    i see you’re still alive?

    thats good

  3. 😔
  4. bee movie fanfiction go brrr (warning for curse words and just general tomfoolery lol) https://archiveofourown.org/works/30905306/chapters/76316282
  5. ARG stands for Alternate Reality Game, which is an interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as a platform and employs transmedia storytelling to deliver a story that may be altered by a player's ideas or actions. - stolen from Wikipedia
  6. If they can't entirely digest their food, since they can't exactly use their tongue, they close their eyelids and push it down with their orbs.
  7. i never thought about it that way,,,, but yeah ig
  8. tips from someone who has never played minecraft: dirt hut, dirt hut and dirt huts. also who needs swords when you have axes?
  9. I'm not sure which to pick exactly, but I will give my thoughts on what could be explored if one of these nichelings were the protagonists: Salvador couldn't be too useful on the island, and I'm curious to see how that will impact his character and maybe his tribemates' perception of him. Emu is the exact opposite of Salvador, what with being so physically strong and almost perfect for the mountain biome. It almost makes me want to see some more conflict in The Frozen Empire that doesn't come from the outside, but from the inside... A POV from the side of The Burning Empire (Oni
  10. 1. hide in dirt 2. establish a country 3. tnt time =}
  11. As a disabled person, I'm glad you're allowing people to volunteer to sensitivity read through the comic script. That being said, I'd be happy to help read through the script and see if anything should be changed or tweaked.
  12. "That's false!! There were side effects with using the oatmeal as chemical warfare against the Yeerks,"
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