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  1. Probably, but they could just fake whatever task is nearest and that could just so happen to be wires or card swipe. Wires is also super good to fake since the taskbar only goes up at the last stop, so the crew cant say youre faking it if you do the first two and the bar doesnt go up.
  2. hey @gamingcookie you can in fact see who the impostor is by common tasks, if there is only 1 common task it's either swipe card or wires. And if you have lets say swipe card, the person doing wires is (one of) the impostor(s), and vice-versa.
  3. bruh this game was so weird, i got impostor and still technically won but i was about to lose
  4. i accidentally disconnected from the old game so HHYMRQ
  5. I think it ' s called platonic shipping, and in fanfiction you can mark it with X and Y instead of X/Y
  6. what nicheling specifically?
  7. PincerClaw420


    Urhrgrh all of the colors are so pretty, I have no idea which one to choose... I've narrowed it down to honeydew, howlite, magnolia or skarn but fhnfjffncd
  8. Which wolvden color should i pick for my main wolf: Honeydew, Howlite, Liver, Magnolia, Red or Skarn? They're all so pretty....
  9. Well technically, everyone is 105% jesus if they can walk over water by walking on a boat or such.
  10. I'm 105%, get ony my level, chum! /s
  11. PincerClaw420


    Heck yeah, it got released! Im totally signing up after school, wonder how itll work.
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