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  1. See if this works: https://archive.org/details/william-and-sly_202206
  2. So, after Flash was retired in 2021, a couple of programs and emulators for playing Flash popped up, such as BlueMaxima's Flashpoint and the online Ruffle. In case you don't want to or can't use those programs, however, there is a way to download just (a version of) the standalone Flash Player. Download the program here. As far as I know, this is secure. Find and download the game.swf you want to play. Most of them can be found here. In case the game you'd like to play isn't in the library, try using the search engine. Open and play the game. Firstly, you'll want to open the Flash Player you just downloaded. Then, you'll want to click on File -> Open. A tab will open where you need to input the location of the game. After putting in the location, click "OK", and you'll be able to play the game of your choice! Hope this helps. If you have the time for it, I'd also recommend checking out the garfield flash games.
  3. Yes, and it's on the Tiny Green island which has green port tiles with flowers on them. This biome, however, is the hardest in the game as the pollution makes your nichelings take 1 point of damage every day, and the hostile humans are as abundant as rabbils. A much easier biome is the Burning Savannah. A red stomach icon appeared over my nicheling when I passed the day. Does this have something to do with my lack of food?
  4. owl hours pfp so sture

  5. i dont know if i already said this but owl hsoeu pfp based

  6. Time to type because sleep is for the weak! WARNING: This got very dark for some reason. Gatsto unloaded a flurry of energy attacks at his opponent, Goody McGoodguy. It was his last stand; and he didn't want to go down without a fight. Maybe if the viewers saw how desperate he looked, they'd stop watching and in turn, make their creator scrap this universe. It would at least be a way to end the suffering. As he expected, unfortunately, Goody beat him with the power of friendship and continuity errors once again, hitting him in the chest with a line of red, firey light. He began to scream and wondered why their creators allowed that but not the word "God". Gatsto thought that would be the end; he'd be another goon kill that would end up going unnoticed when the protagonist finally got to the mastermind and spared him, while the blood of all the dead henchmen he'd slaughtered would still be left on his hands. Hopefully it wouldn't be a fake-out death. But he was left alive, and as the "good guys" began to talk about morality or whatever, Gatsto realized something horrible. He wasn't dead, and that could only mean one thing. They'd give him a fate worse than death. He clawed and screamed and begged and yelled at the "good guys" about how he didn't deserve this, which would obviously be interpreted by the viewers as Gatsto believing that what he did wasn't wretched. But he knew it was. Ever since his creation, he knew he'd be forced into events to affect his way of thinking and mold him into the perfect kid's show villain. But he didn't believe that any of his wicked schemes were good, he didn't even like Big Bad Deep Guy. But they were all just the perfect actors chosen for this, and they had to perform. They couldn't protest. Protesting would mean fighting a losing battle against the creators, it would mean that in his struggle, the poor souls who didn't know or had forgotten to cope would be reminded, they would know. And he wouldn't even wish that on his creators. Gatsto returned back to reality, and he could clearly see he was trapped in a black void. So they had succeeded, after all. He took out his trusty Kaboom-Stick, something the authors made him acquire to establish him as a threat when he beat the tough guy of the good group with it. But, it had a different purpose now. He knew what must be done.
  7. owl hous so true

  8. Name: Dukrota Gender: Male, He/Him Age: Older Adult, three gems Appearance: this is in-game, but i interpret him as having a more lion-like build Personality: Dukrota is incredibly aloof and quiet. He avoids large crowds and nichelings in general. His hobbies include harvesting food and staring at water. His preference for inaction combined with everything else about him has gained him a reputation of being incredibly boring in his old tribe, and that reputation may very well extend to Greenline. However, there is something about him that many would consider unusual. Dukrota has very strong opinions on balance and the natural order and believes that everything happens for a reason, to the point where he is indifferent to dying and will only fight for his life if a greedy nicheling is attempting to kill him rather than a hungry predator. His thoughts on balance extend to other nichelings, which may lead to him interfering in their lives if he believes it is not for a greater cause. History: Dukrota was born into a fairly standard tribe. He worked as a gatherer and because of the negative stigma in his tribe against his role, he was usually ignored when he tried to voice his own opinions. His older brother, his role-model, left when Dukrota was a teen (two gems) to try and cull the entire bearyena population (it's a whole thing in my lore lol). After that, there were many power struggles, assassinations and other messy events in his tribe. One of those 'messy events' was when an exiled ex-leader went on a killing spree because the tribe's current leader refused to let him enter the 'nesting space', resulting in the death of what little remained of his friends and family. After that, the messy events continued until the current leader's longest reign. This was when the portal and invite appeared. Dukrota had two primary motivations for entering the portal: a) From what he managed to read, Greenline seemed like the perfect, peaceful place where he could live out his remaining years without the constant fear that there was going to be another assassination or whatever and b) The current leader's reign was the longest and most uneventful yet and his tribemates were constantly wondering if that peace would last. As one of the oldest living nichelings in his tribe, many asked for his guidance to assist them. To avoid this responsibility and avoid the difficult task of voicing his own thoughts, Dukrota entered the portal. Other: When he meets someone new, Dukrota will look for any apparent weaknesses they may have. He will passively continue searching for flaws in any future interactions. Discord Username: MEATYPOLTERGEIST69#7412
  9. Hello, Pincerclaw. I'm wondering if we can talk.

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      Hello again, Pincerclaw. I'm trying to look for your Discord profile but we aren't friends. Is there any way you could friend me or otherwise give me an idea on how to find you?

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      Have you tried adding me as a friend? If that hasn't worked, I could try sending a request to you but I don't know your full user (it has to have the numbers as well, not just the name)

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      Oh, apologies. My user is Sparklepop#0131

  10. I don't know of any way to check what topics a user was seeing after they've gone offline, but while they're online it shows the topic they're viewing here.
  11. *proceeds to destroy them with epic motorcycle skillz*
  12. *acidentally causes a wildfire with tail* ASTROX: This is a represantation of my inner turmoil; everything I touch is set on fire. *proceeds to do absolutely nothing as smoke fills the sky* ASTROX: This is all simcity's fault
  13. Even if you did, you do not hold them dear to you enough for you to flaunt that around and put it in the picture of your true form. Fakes like you are the reason true emos like us get looked down upon. Come back when you've violated a geneva convention, NERD! *guitar riff*
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