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  1. It's always nice to see this tradition continue into the New Year and all of the wonderful art it brings. I deeply respect the hosts and participants who further contribute to the community gallery and give everyone something to look forward to in this month. Though this time I wasn't able to take part, even from the outside, the dedication and hard work put into the effort of every piece is apparent. Thank you, and may we have many more secret santas to come! (As a side note, I just realized that it seems every nicheling with ram horns was depicted with their horns being behind the ears, adversely to the in-game art. Everyone collectively decided these critters need their full hearing without some lousy keratin getting in the way lol)
  2. Not mine, just a very good image I can't find the source for.
  3. ASTROX: We are all going to die anyway. *accidentally gets Ground-based Midcourse Defense thru da power of broodin'*
  4. Shout out to my cat for being in the same room I was sitting in while sketching!
  5. Façade is an absolute classic. Messy in terms of graphics, code and the main relationship, but for it's time the technology was pretty OK and it's absolutely hilarious to replay and get kicked out for saying the name of a fruit, watch the game break if you call Grace a robot or watch them argue over an advice ball. Would recommend.
  6. Don't know what this is, but I had a lot of fun drawing it! Also starting to get that broader shadows, even nonsensical ones, are usually a good addition to most things.
  7. And there's this more recent animation. (No stickmen were harmed in the making of this gif)
  8. This is from June 2018, but for some reason I felt the need to post it 4 years later.
  9. I've been ruminating on whether or not to make a third? homethread for some time now, usually because I've made something cool I wanted to show off at that time, and today is no exception. Only difference is I finally got the motivation to do it, cause of this goofy bird
  10. Do you have a version of the link that doesn't require a log in?
  11. toby fox i mean pincerclaw

    1. PincerClaw420


      HAHA... who's Toby Fox? [Development is going well.]

  12. I can't believe it's time of year again! Here's my nicheling, Rokir. (In advance, I'm sorry to whoever ends up drawing him) He comes from a tribe of prickly berry-pickers and was born after the death of a bearyena that his parents (and other tribemates) killed. He's considered a bit unusual since he looks so different from his grandparents, the founders, and doesn't really communicate with his family members much aside from his father, and that's just because of his mole-hunting skills. Rokir lives for the hunt and is interested in killing a bearyena for the glory and respect it will bring him, even though no one else treats the original bearyena killers differently and his peers already respect him for contributing to the food supply, but haven't had the chance to show it because he never talks to them. (I think that's the second gilled nicheling I've had who really likes hunting...) If whoever ends up drawing him doesn't mind it, I'd love if you could put him in one of those silly little winter coats for dogs, but that's up to you.
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