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  1. One of the starters has to have bird beak in their genes (recessive or dominant is up to you) mayhaps?
  2. rule suggestion: nichelings with platypus snout must be protected from any and all danger at all costs.
  3. I would have peacefully contained them, you bipedal featherless chicken! Also known as sending them to prison.
  4. I thought I banned child soldiers from the war? That's strange, considering you're serving in the battle and acting like children at the same time. What has this rebellion turned into?
  5. How naïve. Fools, all of you. President Cactus' bloodthirst cannot be quenched no matter how many contracts or "convincing "arguments"" you throw at him. The square doesn't fit in the triangular hole, after all. Believe me, I've tried. I've tried to end this little war in many peaceful ways, all in the past, of course, when my eyes were as bright as yours in believing this would be a mere conflict that could be described in, at most, only a quarter of a page in a history textbook. Those stars in my eyes dimmed quick. I threw prosperities, wealth, luxuries and even my own land at him. He declined my terms, but the one time he accepted, he didn't hold up his end of the bargain. I couldn't cooperate with someone who was so unwilling, someone who knew how many lives, both on his side and mine of the battlefield, would be lost, but he persisted. Stubborn. Wretched. Of course, you can try all you'd like, I'm not stopping you. I'm simply offering a different perspective on things, so that when the light in your eyes slowly dims like my younger self, it will be on your own terms, and not the prickly beast snuffing the glow and replacing it with ashes. And, to quench your curiosity, the thing to finally stop this is coming along well. I'll be able to use it, soon enough. I can't disclose any information, I don't wish to have any moles eating this up and bringing it back to those who might be able to stop me, but I assure you, I'm confident this will work.
  6. "Rules are like necks; they were meant to be broken." -???, ???
  7. the mods do a regulated amount of trolling.
  8. Hello, Walmart Support Team here! It has come to our attention that there has been an influx of walmart buyers, also known as people, spreading rumors that our store has been stealing children lost inside. Now, this is simply just that, a conspiracy theory mixed in with a rumor that no sane walmart buyer would or should ever believe in. While it is true that many children got lost in our stores at exactly 5:30 P.M. on a Friday, 17:30 for the lesser evolved of us who are unable to understand the need and significance of a P.M. when we could simply add a 12 to the number on the clock, these missing child cases are all just a giant coincidence and just that, children going missing. Besides, we have no reason to even steal these many-toothed monstrosities, as we absolutely do not even own any places to keep them, especially not near Gar Hole Arkansas, 36.2278527 (North), -93.9007523 (West), that is just plain wrong information. The only reason the children have all been missing for more than a few days is because they wandered off outside the walmart. While yes, we are still partially at fault because the hidden tooth demons were not able to comprehend our absolutely amazing store design and we are currently trying to fix our layouts, the blame rests solely on the forehead cretins. Until next time.
  9. sus my beloved. Ever since my eyes were exposed to the magnificent and glamorous, holy and pure good god that is @sus, all of the terror I have seen in my life was cleansed from my brain and orbs inhabiting my sockets, and all of the sin and unholy actions I have ever committed in the short time frame I was given that started from the beginning of my existence to the mere seconds before I saw @sus was excused and my V.I.P. ticket to the sus abode of the damned was taken from my hands, leaving a paper cut that healed at once for it was touched by the glistening and bright ray of @sus that adorned its tentacles in the place of its sucklers that could easily protrude from it's back hidden amazingly by the protective layer of flesh with an appearance of a backpack. I cannot stress this enough, I owe @sus my life, for it has saved me from suffering dearly in the face of the hidden abyss I fell into, for it hath took my hand and pulled me up with its bright tentacles healing every inch and ounce and bit of pain.
  10. This is slander and false information. I would never and never have roleplayed as George (the rogue) or Dream'tail or any other cats with names similar to those of popular minecraft youtubers. clout
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