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  1. rules are made to be broken, you say? FU- -DGE
  2. You have been exiled for the terrible sin of wanting Cacterra to be a monarchy
  3. There are no set rules, but you can add them by screaming at people and sending nukes! Pretty efficient, huh?
  4. Thank you, mysterious squirrel, for this news. However, our armies are weak and tired, so it appears as if we have no choice, except to.... LAUNCH ANOTHER NUKE!!!!!! >:D
  5. Welcome! Make sure to enlist in the forum war! (preferably on the camel riders' side)
  6. PincerClaw420


    no, instead we have cars pulled by animals! how innovative!
  7. Ah, a person of culture, naming their character something funny in a visual novel!
  8. He's not trying to "save the world", he's PROFITING OFF OF IT'S SUFFERING!
  9. Have possible pfp material


  10. I need a few things!

    Character [Just like their looks and species n stuff]


    what they represent [Ex. Love, hate, happiness, etc.]

    two elements [Fire and dark are already taken!]

  11. Ah yes, the seven deadly sins: pride, greed, a dodomingo's motivation to sit on a nest, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.
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