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  1. Imagine: a card jitsu tournament on cpr, winner gets a chicken nugget
  2. I looked at this so now you have to suffer with me Sonic Hedgehog and Mickey The Mouse
  3. (Nightshade - Nightshade's Burrow - Open) Among the many leaves scattered around on the dug up dirt, lay a dark rabbit. Nightshade emerged out of the leaves and yawned, hoping to find a sign from Lord Fire. Looking around, there were no dead fireflies scattered around like leaves. No alive ones either. "This must mean the terrible terrors aren't coming today..." The rabbit said to no one in particular, hoping he interpreted Lord Fire's sign correctly. The leading hare stood up and poked his head out of his large and luxurious (by rabbit terms lol) burrow. As stealthily as possible, he got out and looked up at the sky. Dark like his fur. The perfect time to find offerings and bring them to Lord Fire's lightning bugs. They didn't appear to like the leaves Nightshade offered them, so... Maybe they like flowers? Plucking a yellow flower off the ground with his mouth, Nightshade quietly walked and sniffed. Walked and sniffed. Walked and- IS THAT LIGHT? A few fireflies flashed in front of Nightshade. Slowly crawling over to them, he silently dropped the flower in front of them, hoping it wouldn't scare them away. The lightning bugs continued to fly for a solid second, until one of them came closer to the flower. Scittering around inside of the flower for a few minutes, then finally emerging, the insect flew closer to it's buddies and continued doing... whatever the flashing was called. The black and white rabbit looked up at the sky once again. "My mighty Lord, do you accept this offering? Or must I search for something to match your own might?" Nightshade chirped. No answer. "My dazzling Lord, alerting me in times of need, I wish to repay you for your kindness and ask for more help with my decisions and my colony. If I can find out what offerings you accept, I will gladly starve my colony to give you more of those, and in return your almighty self could help me and my nest to survive against the horrid beasts that I refuse to call wolves." Nightshade howled, trying not to offend his god. No answer. Nightshade walked away dissappointed with himself, and slowly landed back to his burrow.
  4. I deserve an award for parenting! Just look at this, I'm dropping my wonderful children off to either be brutaly killed or win terribly!
  5. This seems k00l, may I join? Name: Nightshade Gender: Male Appearance/picture: Nightshade is a black rabbit with a little bit of white on his paws and tail. His fur is long and thick, and he has a lot of scars on him, mostly on his face and back. He has heterochromia with the right eye being brown and the other blue. Personality: Generally viewed as cold but smart, he won't hesitate to teach someone about something they don't know or call them out for it. Nightshade won't attack without reason, no matter how stupid that reason is, and is a bit stubborn. He also adores the concept of revenge and karma, which is exactly why he wants to get back at the wolves and extinct them, the "reapings" being the sole cause as to why he's so cold. Other: One time, when Nightshade was trying to run from a wolf, a firefly emerged out of nowhere and distracted the wolf so he could get to safety. Another time when he was sleeping, he woke up to see a few dead fireflies around him, and on that same day both of his parents were [REDACTED]. Because of these two oddly specific and random events, he believes in "Lord Fire", a super glowy albino rabbit that watches over every rabbit and controls fireflies. He usually tries to push "Ignism" (the religion of lord fire) down everyone's throats, and if they don't accept it he'll murder them try to avoid them and make them look like a bad guy. Psst, over here.. Can tis dood be leader? Btw, do your eyes hurt after trying to read this?
  6. What a wonderful son you have!
  7. Vanil.a GhdSjlmfJb aj g by djz She {\|▪♤○_'!#? WOW IT'S ALMOST THE EXACT SAME! /s
  8. Movie Director: "How do we let people know this character is a grill?" Employee: "Put eyelashes on them" Movie Director: Employee: Movie Director: *slaps employee with this*
  9. Maybe every time someone checks this, it is counted separately? For example, User A checks a topic 3 times. +3 views User B checks a topic 10 times. +10 views If they check the same topic, now it has 13 views. If you do that with a few users, who each check the same topic a lot, you're probably gonna get a big number. Just a theory dough
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