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  1. Well I gtg in bout a minute so..
  2. Well I gtg in 5 minutes (parental controls) but I will join in!
  3. (this is very interesting leafspeak.)
  4. Then how did I survive? I must be dreaming.
  5. She realized she would be seen by rabbit'sear "We need to get back," she whispered to minnowpaw.
  6. hol up! She looked up at the cliff. did I misjudge the fall?
  7. why are guests viewing my profile?


  8. She got up as quickly as she could. "Lets... Never do that again..."
  9. Realizing that minnowpaw was right, she looked at the shecat, with fear in her eyes. I can't escape. She tried not to show sign of pain or panic, she just glared at the shecat, but she was obviously terrified.
  10. Marigold silently walked through the tall grass. She stayed away from the war, as she saw no point in it. Why are we fighting eachother? We're all nichelings. there's no point in this. she stopped at a river to drink, listening for the noise of a predator, or one of those... Monsters. They ones who started this war.
  11. Why not? I know it's a dangerous place, but as long as I stay out of sight, I will be fine.
  12. Erik had lived a solitary life since the infection. He stayed away from other nichelings, and if another Nicheling came near him, he would usually annoy them into leaving. He didn't need another Nicheling to worry about. He lived by many rules, the most important being don't get attached. This one is quite hard, though. His father was a rogue.
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