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  1. I checked here once again to ask if there are any Pokemon SIM/RP's atm

    1. polly
    2. Kira.APK


      Alright back to being nonexistent

    3. Zixvir


      well there is actually a thing you could help with but it's not a sim or an rp

  2. My pfp scared me

    1. polly
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      I'm tired so I don't have much to say

  3. (Mean) Hollywatcher ignored the insult. Silentstar mumbled something under his breath. The only word you were able to hear was "manners." [This is what you get for being afraid >:)] They were catching up to you.
  4. "That," Adderkit whispered, gesturing towards a large creature with bright orange eyes staring right at you, snarling. It looked like Foxpaw in color. (uwbehibhidbshkbsvuiebhkea) "Silly kit, that's just my name," said a she-cat as she walked out of some thickets. The other kits were now chasing you playfully.
  5. You heard a amused laugh behind you. "We do need more warriors. Hollywatcher should be able to take care of the kit."
  6. "I am Silentstar, leader of Treeclan." A fluffy brown she-cat came in, dragging the carcass of a large, winged animal. She dropped it and spoke. "Nettlemask and I had seen this hawk carrying the kit." "The kit survived a hawk? Impressive," said Silentstar.
  7. After a few minutes of walking, the cat puts you down. There are many other cats. One of them, A russet colored tom, approaches you. "Where did this kit come from?" "We found them hidden in the grass. A rogue probably left it there," said the blue-gray tabby tom. Some other cats, about your size, bounded towards you excitedly. As you make it further into the cave, you hear what sounds like the breathing of something large. You can just barely make out movement in the dark. You feel Adderkit tremble next to you. "W-We should leave," he whispered.
  8. You were able to wiggle free once, but the smaller tom caught you. As you made it in, A strange and unfamiliar scent entered your nose. It smelled really bad.
  9. The tom held on tight. The tom began walking, and the smaller tom followed.
  10. They were a cream tom. Another cream tom walked up to you. "A kit?
  11. You were able to make out that the thing carrying you was another cat. After a few minutes of walking, the cat put you down.
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