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  1. Oh wait that's not your pfp- WRONG PING SORRY
  2. I have a picture now @Pollythanks for the link
  3. Are houses good with other pets?
  4. So, I've been making salad with the mossy cobblestone and the oak planks to feed to my house, and my house is growing really fast. is this normal?
  5. Name: Kira.APK Pronouns: She/Her Appearence: White, with wolf ears and doctor's apron
  6. Well now that the chaos is over, is mossy cobblestone a good diet for my house?
  7. Anyways @PollyCan I adopt this baby spruce house with a cobblestone frame?
  8. I would like to adopt a h- Oh. Bad timing?
  9. She's so pretty! Just make her more orange and she could be my 1st generation wolf, Seer
  10. Imagine going into stranger territory and becoming mates with the alpha female of lamar canyon
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