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  1. "What's going on?" Brightpaw asked as he walked outside. "Oh. Adderkit." Adderkit does have the reputation of being very annoying.
  2. (I have no idea, I think I'm stupid) WHO CARES IT'S TIME TO PARTY WOOOO
  3. Adderkit looked Cricketpaw straight in the eye. "Do you like waffles." "What?"
  4. Depends. Do you want the good parts or the bad parts?
  5. I have unity and blender now! I'm getting the hang of blender, and I haven't touched unity yet. But now I have this.


  6. I ship it still "What in Starclan are you two doing?" asked Cricketpaw.
  7. "Yeah, I just thought I saw a hawk and I panicked. It was just a dove, though."
  8. Thanks to Adderkit almost tripping, you got there first. Lol. 'Now that's luck,' said the voice in your head.
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