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  1. Im on a quest to become a moderator!

    The first thing im trying ks patrolling the niche area and being on whenever i can (Only at school thougn. Im not allowed on this site at home)

  2. Hmm.... How about..... on ps4 and xbox? And maybe have a card game for it? Maybe books too!
  3. Chapter nine of Dragonstone Book 1 is here! Oh and btw apparently niche is coming to switch?
  4. CHAPTER 9 Lisa “Wake up, Lisa! You snore-head!” A small voice yipped. It took me a second to remember where I was. I was in the dens with foxes. “Five more minutes, please,” I whined. “Oh come on. Wake up, sleepyhead!” Raven yipped. “Alright, fine,” I whimpered. I got up, and saw i was the last to wake up. Everyone in the den was chattering. Even the white wolf pup was awake. Squirrel and Hare were pestering her with questions, like “What’s your name? Where did you come from?” “Im Luna,” The pup said. “Nice to meet you!” Squirrel and Hare said at the same time. Victoria laughed. “Brought back another wolf, Raven?” She asked Raven. “I sure did,” Raven yipped. “Hey Lisa, how come you snore so weird?” Maine asked. “I don't snore!” I growled playfully. “Yeah, you do,” Luna barked. I could tell Luna was very young. Wait a minute, she isn't in the tiny den. “How did you get out of that den?” I asked her. “Oh, you mean the cage? The winged fox over there got me out,” she responded. “Oh, so that’s what they’re called?” I asked. “I have a name, you know!” Raven yipped. “Well, you never told me it!” Luna barked. “Its RAVEN,” Raven yipped. “Fight! Fight! Fight!” The fox pups chanted. Victoria shot a glare at the fox pups. “Aww! C'mon, mum!” The fox pups whined. “There is no fighting,” Victoria growled. “Raven, im BARED!” I barked at Raven. “I don't care,” Raven yawned. “So, Luna, like elk?” I asked Luna. “Never had it before,” Luna yawned. “Never had elk!” I gasped. “You need to eat elk!” Raven said. “I can teach you how to hunt it,” I said. “Sure,” Luna said. “I’m coming too,” Raven yipped. “Lead the way out of the den, Raven,” I said. “Alright, follow me,” Raven said. “Luna, you get in front of the elk. Raven, get above it. I'll get behind it,” I instructed everyone. “I know how to kill elk,” Raven growled. “Then do it,” I barked. “Ugh, fine,” Raven scoffed. Raven ran at the elk herd that lay right in front of them and grabbed a young female’s neck before the herd even knew what was going on. The female had tried to fight, but it had quickly died. “Woe,” I said. “I told you i knew how to kill elk,” Raven yipped. I threw a rock into the air with my tail and hit it towards her with my paw. She ducked, and the rock went right over her head and hit a hare. “You killed a hare. Good job,” Raven growled playfully. I noticed that Luna was eating the elk behind our backs. Suddenly, something tackled me. I looked up to see Raven, swinging around her red-tipped tail. “Gotcha,” She yipped. I smacked her with my paw, almost hitting her with my claws. “Oh, its on,” She growled playfully. She then started nipping me. I knocked her aside with my paw. She smacked me with her wing. I spit a bit of flame in front of her paws. “Woe,” She yelped. “Yeah, I can breathe fire,” I said. “Oh,” She said. Suddenly, a random stick cracked. I turned, but nothing was there except the edge of the forest. “What was that?” Raven said. “No idea,” Luna said. I forgot luna was even there. “You guys wanna check it out?” Raven asked. “No need,” a male voice said. I turned back to the forest. Kestrel was there, as well as ten other black liquidy wolves. Raven hissed. Now that is one intimidating hiss, I thought. I wonder if she can growl. “I won't let you get away this time,” Kestrel snarled.
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