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    You think you can defeat me, rodent?
  1. hi


    yay public thread on feed

  2. I cannot post anymore, it seems like the thread was already closed for some reason..

    1. mhiahia


      Yeah it is gone now.

    2. Alyssia


      Good, I hope the suffering ends forever now, or at least for a very long time..

  3. Dont worry everyone, if you feel random breezes it's just snow
  4. If you want but i would prefer bread-dog or lisa.
  5. wait do you mean that lame is actually your name
  6. They come across a Ice block. "Can i eat it?" "What!? No! I think there's something in it..."
  7. I would take her, but ill let someone else be freed from a ice block only to see 2 "demons" infront of you.
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