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  1. I hope, that I finished all russian translation. Also I noticed, that in "translators" section need to add two people: Patricia Cancela to Portuguese translators Przemysław "Pszempje" Murach to Polish translators.
  2. Oh, I have another few questions. I missed razorania (from what words it made) and I wonder about Home animal (Meant a pet animal or your tribe animal?)
  3. Hello Philo. Could you help with my translation questions please?


    1. Philo


      Just did, thanks :)

  4. Name of this topic is trouble of russian version. I can't name custom sandbox setting on russian (text just didn't writing, only english) P.S. All other text fields works fine with cyrillic symbols.
  5. Well, I checked new version and have few questions about some texts. Please help me. What is meant "exhibiton mode"? I run it, and starting from the tutorial. I thought that this mode demonstrating random generated nichelings =s - Now I know answer on my first question with "on" text. It used in mutation menu in the hint for genes which opened from berry bushes. And my main question which worried me a lot. Devs, why you don't let translators translate these texts? Stagmole Rabbil Bearyena Frogleon Crabbit Clownkoi Dodomingo If you scare to loose original meaning you not need worring, because on my language I can translate these texts with meaning as in english (but I need help with some names) Stagmole (Stag + Mole) = Оленекрот (Олень + Крот) Rabbil (Rabbit + ???) = As variant, original Раббил, or Кролл. (Better to know second part to made correct translation) Bearyena (Bear + Hyena) = Медвеена (Медведь + Гиена) Frogleon (Frog + ???) = No variants, didn't see this creature. I need second part to made translate. Crabbit (Crab + ???) = Same that above Clownkoi (Clown fish + ???) = Same that above Dodomingo (Dodo + ???) = As variant original Додоминго I hope to get ansvers. Thank you!
  6. Hi all and Philo, I got your message. I have only one question about translation. GeneUnlockCondition have line "on". Where it used? Thank you! Yeah, I not played a long time in this game..
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