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  1. it has a steep hill slope! i've never seen grass mingle with a jungle biome before though?
  2. So I was playing story mode but then my nichelings died so I restarted with the same genes and islands. I started at a tiny green esque island but it had 3 ports. I decided to take the north port and I arrived on this island. It looks like Grass Mingle or Grass Adventure yet at the very bottom, there is a smelly fruit plant and what looks like some jungle biome tiles. I have checked the wiki and some steam discussion pages but I am completely dumbfounded. I have no idea what island this is. Does anyone else know?
  3. i am so so sorry, i didn't see that. im pretty new to the forums and i'm still kind of getting the feel of things. you know what they say though great minds think alike! ill see if i delete this post and then ill go comment on yours. once again, very sorry, i know its no excuse but im still new. have a good day!
  4. Fox

    Deserted Island

    a deserted island sounds great! it could be relatively small or huge, not sure. i think it would be an easy or medium island. also it should be overrun with plants including all types of trees, cactuses, smelly fruits, healing plants, and berry bushes, as well as plenty of stagmoles, rabbils, and crabbits. but especially they're should be A LOT OF BEARYENAS AND NO WANDERING NICHELINGS/ROUGE MALES (OR FEMALES (hint hint))
  5. as you all know we now have the peacock tail gene which gives us 1 attractiveness. i think that was a great idea and i think it would be good to assign attractiveness to our fur colors. currently all colors excpet for red and yellow have some sort of camoflauge element so red and yellow would be perfect to add on attractiveness!
  6. there might already be a suggestion like this, but i feel like this is a very important suggestion. if a nicheling doesn't have any kids, when they die they are taken off the tree. i want a full family tree with all of my nichelings, including wanderers i invited in and some who died young. what's the point of having a family tree if it doesn't show all of their nichelings? i want one that goes all the way back to my founders. i'd also suggest that this be implemented into both sandbox mode and story mode.
  7. i like this idea but i would rather just have lionfish fins (with a new name) that require picking 30 toxic berries and and swimming 30 times. it would make sense to add in +1 stealth (only underwater), +1 distasteful appearance, +1 underwater breathing, +1 posionous, +1attack, +1 venomous
  8. Fox

    coconut claws

    upvoted! i just love this idea. i have a few suggestions- to unlock the gene it should be that you need to attack a crabbit (or many) 25 times and or crack open a coconut 15 times. i would suggest the claws be facing downwards and be therefore very cute. haha. also, it would be suiting if it added +2 strength and +2 cracking!
  9. Hello everyone! How are you today? I have a gene suggestion to make and I believe this is the right place. I heard Seri (from Seri Pixel Biologist) talking about how nichelings with bat head and bat wings don't have any collecting. She suggested a tail gene where they could hang from trees and pick fruit, but I feel like that would require more work and effort and would probably need a new type of tree (a tree with nuts or fruits in the tree, not falling from it but in it). Although that seems like a good idea, I suggest that instead we just change the Bat Wing gene (not the Regular Wing gene) and add in +1 Strength and +1 Collecting because bats in real life have claws at the end of their wings. I feel like that would be a great addition and I hope you consider it!
  10. I love the idea for Thorny Snout! It seems like a good balance between cute and fierce. However, the Thorny Body gene seems like it would be quite similar to Spiky Body but if the design and purpose are different enough, I'm sure it would be fine. I'd also suggest that you bring down the requirements to unlock the genes, maybe by like 5 or 10 actions as we don't want it to be too hard. Also, maybe instead of (or along with- but preferably the latter) Insect Collecting you could have Heat Resistance to make it more like a set. Perhaps a Thorny Tail to add onto it?
  11. Hello! I'm Fox. I have been playing Niche on and off for many many years and I thoroughly enjoy it! But I just recently learned about the forums and I hope to be a part of it. I have plenty of suggestions for new features, but that doesn't mean I don't love the game as it is. Anyways, sorry for my rambling. It's nice to meet you all.
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