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  1. I think this would be a fun challenge and great for storytelling. The goal for this challange is to recreate Eve and tell her story of where she comes from. 1. Decide what Eve's is going to look like. You can do this two ways. You choose each gene (including inactive traits) and make Eve look however you want her to. Or you can recreate Eve from your Storymode file. 2. So you don't actually start with Eve in sandbox mode. Instead you will create the ancestral tribe that she comes from. Through selective breeding you will eventually create Eve with the specific genes that you have chosen. 3. You can make this challenge as easy or hard as you like. Making your starter creatures as oppisite as possible from your goal and playing with genes locked at the start will make it more difficult. 4. The challenge technically ends when Eve is finally born and she travels to either a swamp or grass island (preferably Tiny Green easy Island) I'm still playing thru this challenge, but here is what Eve will eventually look like and here is her starter tribe: In my story, Eve's tribe lived in the jungle. But one day a heavy rainstorm comes thru and causes severe flooding. Six young nichlings are separated from their tribe and must survive in the dangerous Overgrown Jungle.
  2. If the devs ever add more steam achievements, this would be one that I would like for them to add. Managing 100+ nichelings for 10-50 in game days
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