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  1. Sure (sorry i guess i just cant draw (・・;))
  2. hey 1. Tysm that means a lot to me ❤️ 2. Idk if you saw or not but i cant draw boys to save my life, but, if you still want a drawing (and its cool with you) i COULD draw him as a girl (lol really sorry the the inconvenience)
  3. Hey! Sorry it took me a while but i'm done with your request Enjoy! (Also sorry if she looks a little weird)
  4. heya! i'm finally done with your request hope you like it ^^
  5. Haha lol yep just remembered that
  6. hey, sorry for editing this reply so much, but i finally stopped being dumb and was able to get a png ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ anyway, here you go! (sorry if you don't like how she looks (。ŏ﹏ŏ) )
  7. Hey everyone, i'm in the mood to draw but i have no inspiration so send in pics of your fave nichelings. Just to remind everyone, don't expect me to draw your nichelings within a few days (or at all for that matter) because i'm not always in the mood to. However, if i am then i'll try my best to make it a decent drawing (also note that i'm not the best artist (obviously)). ALSO, i unfortunately can't draw boys to save my life (sorry) so girls only i guess. Anyway, thanks in advance for bothering to send me any requests (if you even do). Adios
  8. This page was called off-topic art so here you go Also if you care enough, follow me on insta @kawoofy
  9. Hey! Your art style is really cute and I would love it if you could draw my nicheling Kooki
  10. Thank you everyone *^*
  11. Thanks! x I started playing yesterday so I'm still new to everything about the game.
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