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  1. maybe something from doctor who?
  2. Are you going to do that with me? (yes)
  3. Moss Flame Snake, the god of luck And Lilly, the goddess of death, console commands and murder Both pretty
  4. Impy10

    Birthday (I guess?)


    oh, and steam chat
  5. Impy10

    Birthday (I guess?)


    It not here yet
  6. Boring and Bland's first child, Yawn!
  7. "I need to get into the clearing!" "We don't know what's out there! Come back!"
  8. "We finally got enough straw to make a nest!" "We can have our kit!"
  9. Your going to miss click and get Mesi poisoned on accident...
  10. Paper rushed on ahead of Lame. Lame eared out more of the grass, keeping a close eye on Paper.
  11. Bland and Boring continued to search for grass for their nest. "One more strand; come on, Bland!" "I'm looking for some, I promise!"
  12. No It is a form of singing I think
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