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  1. Sunrise smiled before scammering back into the cradle
  2. "I don't see why that should warrant hate. I'm horrible at running long distances. I just get really tried really quickly."
  3. Name- Bubble Gender- Female Tribe- SeaWing Looks- Light blue with grey-blue circle patterns instead of the normal. She has light aqua horns and dark blue frills. She has aqua wings with blue edging on them.
  4. Sun looked up at her mothers face. "Where am I?" She ask like a baby
  5. Here is what Seafoam looks like!
  6. "mommy!" Sunrise stumbled out of bed and ran towards her. On the way Sun tripped a few times
  7. This is what Sunrise looks like!
  8. "I was going to say a RainWing or a SeaWing, but yeah, I guess you could say that." Seafoam replied. "Anyway... Why do you think the others hate you? I don't hate you."
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