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  1. Play games. Mahjong is pretty good in my opinion. Tidal trouble also works. You can also play glimmer and gloom. It’s a solved game; here’s where you can find the solution (quoting one of my earlier posts because it’s easier):
  2. I see that someone is confused... let me explain. Boeing is a commercial airplane manufacturing company, and one of the types of airplanes they make is called the 767. I saw the 767 hours played, and the rest is history... I’m a nerd lol (oh, and here’s a picture for no reason other than I can)
  3. It kinda looks like it has arcane goat eyes
  4. @Skysplash8! Good news! I watched a couple episodes of Doctor Who!
  5. More eggs! (goodness these posts sound weird coming from a user called “the Spanish Inquisition” lol)
  6. ...I literally just put this dragon up for sale and someone already bought him!
  7. TundraKitsune (and what was yours again?)
  8. Hatchlings! And one of them is multi-gaze! I want to keep the mirror, but if anyone wants one of the others, let me know! (and, uh, don’t worry about the text in the white box thing, that doesn’t matter)
  9. WARNING: NERD TANGENT INCOMING! I REPEAT, NERD TANGENT INCOMING! Also, the sun is basically the opposite of a laser. "Laser" is actually an acronym for "light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation". Lasers have different characteristics that define them as lasers, but here are two characteristics: they shoot a very narrow range of frequencies/wavelengths and all the photons (light particles) will be going in the same direction. Stars, including the sun, shoot light of every wavelength in literally every direction.
  10. True, but without the magnetic field and/or the ozone layer it would be very deadly indeed... Or, to put it another way, not anymore, there's a blanket!
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