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  1. Redrew an old piece a little while ago Old (March 2021): New (November 2022):
  2. You over-harvested them, now they will never produce more berries :(( I made it to Home Island, but everyone there hates me, why????? DD:
  3. Everybody friend me I need to welcome you all https://www.pixelcatsend.com/profile&id=161
  4. Tundra Fawn

    You gay? oh

    I thiiiiiiiink it's someone talking to themself about yu-gi-oh?
  5. Ello Splatoon good (also don't mind a bunch of us being fawns, it's an inside joke)
  6. Seeing this... yikes. Maybe I should move too?
  7. :DD Might change it in the future, but I like this for now
  8. https://perchance.org/terraria-weapon-maker
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