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  1. (I really should’ve answered earlier but oh well) You might already know the first two points, if you do, sorry for writing that there, I wanted to be thorough... First, you’ll need to acquire a vista item. You can sometimes get them from the coliseum, a festival spare inventory crate, from Swipp, on the auction house, or Night of the Nocturne. You might already have some from NotN! Next, you need to use the vista item you want. This permanently deletes it from your inventory and allows you to use it as a forum vista Now for actually selecting a vista to use. Click the arrow next to your pfp and name: and select ‘account settings’. There should be an option for ‘forum vista’. Click that, and choose your vista! Hope that helped at least a little bit... sorry if it didn’t
  2. Greetings, and welcome! Hope you have a good time here!
  3. I saw that musical some time last year, I love it! It's fantastic!
  4. (that moment when I liked the new SW movies and don’t really understand the hate they got) (then again I tend to like almost everything I watch/read and am really bad at looking at things critically so don’t listen to me)
  5. Mille, sept cent, quarante-deux (1742)
  6. Tundra


    Forbidden? Untold? Restless? Cold? Alone?
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