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  1. [insert the "and the dinosaurs are gone" jingle from hotew,ig but instead of "dinosaurs" it's "notifications" here]
  2. Could make a nice sandbox setting So, boop
  3. IT’S SO CUTE AAAAAHHH I love the little nubbin antlers on Jay!
  5. Here's a slightly more lighthearted drawing. I'm making this semi-old piece: Context for the artwork: A while ago, I submitted this nicheling, Rais, for a hunger games thing. After it was done, I noticed that Rais had received quite a few explosives during it, so I decided to draw her surrounded by dynamite and very minecraft-y blocks of TNT, and also clearly having no idea what she's doing. It was mainly a joke, but I randomly decided that redrawing it would be fun Anyways, here's the sketch so far:
  6. Yeah, I've definitely seen some of this art... hooray for bad memory I guess? Ah well. Love all the art a lot, by the way!
  7. Really? I'd love to see it (Ok, to be honest, I've probably seen some Adam artwork somewhere here, I just don't remember )
  8. Lost... Far From Home... No One To Guide Me... Alone... All Alone... I made this because I don't really see any Adam artwork on the forum. I decided to try out a lineless style, and I really like the result!
  9. (I did it because the goal of the challenge is to unlock every gene)
  10. Hey guys, it's still alive So, uh... Conventional, my last creature with home island immunity, is going to die in a day, so I consoled home island immunity onto her child, Blank... hope you all don't mind
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