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  1. Marketplace, auction house, Pinkerton or coliseum
  2. "This plane cant be trusted" (Great way to sell your airline) "They hold up a belt that is not connected to a seat. Why" "If you are seated in an exit row, you are now the pilot" "They show an oxygen mask. It is not made of oxygen. Why" "Young children must be turned off or placed in airplane mode" "Flying is illegal, so don't tell"
  3. "The boss adds extra eyebrows. He is now undercover" "I have a children, 4 boys and 4 boys. All girls" "Everyone claps. Lunch deaths had been getting bad" "Capitalism will heal me and us all"
  4. Y’know, just a normal day in the office
  5. I used to play AJ, but I stopped. I'm really excited for Fer.al! (probably a bit more than I should be lol) I'm also really impatient for that email for the beta invite... Hopefully the next wave or the open beta comes soon...
  6. SilverGHowl So;verHopwl silberHoel SilberHowl SilberHoel (ahh... nostalgia )
  7. gamingciijue gamingcookie gaminfcookei gamingcookie gamiinfcookie gamingcookie gam,imgvpploe gamingvookei
  8. I believe they're #4FEE5D #F47D3D #71CAFF #F8B4E2 #FFEF6B
  9. People like my suggestion? also, the art is kinda old and I might want to update it
  10. Look, I can kinda do "furry art"! I don't know how to draw or shade clothes :') I'm pretty happy with everything else in this, though
  11. Silver! Hello! I dearly, dearly hope you have a good time here again!
  12. At the moment it doesn't do much, just gives you a sort of "fullscreen", for lack of a better term, view when you click/tap on it where the stats and/or genes aren't shown, but in the future, it will probably be for petting nichelings Probably a bug
  13. I can give her for free, if you'd like Username?
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