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  1. I shared my birb on the kurzgesagt discord and some people wanted me to make some for them ;-; I'm so happy
  2. "In this case, you die. You also lose the coin! :("
  3. Baby Tundra was so innocent, look at her thinking she wouldn’t be an active member here! also I was kinda cringe back then sorry for that
  4. "What would happen if we nuke your lungs?" -me after accidentally saying "explosed" instead of "exposed" while reading aloud to myself
  5. "How can a thing that might be dead hunt another thing that might also be dead?"
  6. Fun fact: I can still do raster art! if you've been here a little while, you might recognize this guy 👀
  7. "Let's create a black hole with dirty laundry."
  8. ok ok please don't murder me /lh https://www.deviantart.com/tundrak1tsune/art/Let-me-see-what-you-have-898404377
  9. 7.8 out of 10. Too much water.
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