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  1. This profile picture is a litmus test.

    How hurt are you by it?

  2. Don't have much to say about this, except hooooooly [redacted] this took a while to get right. I kinda wish I had recorded the entire process. But I finished it to a satisfactory degree finally. Enjoy also: go listen to Tally Hall. do it. do it now. this is not a request. this is a threat. I will find you. and I will forcibly blast Ruler of Everything at you until you submit. you have 72 hours. /j
  3. I LIVE ONCE AGAIN Anyway, so I may or may not have played The Stanley Parable
  4. "So I basically created the periodic table of elements, but for invisible walls."
  5. Residual one is Defeated. the clever popping game!
  6. Here are some ideas based on a conversation I had with Coco a long time ago. They're also heavily inspired by similar systems in WolfQuest Acquired disabilities, or injuries. So basically when a nicheling gets hurt, there's a chance that they get injured and get a penalty depending on what the injury is. For example, a leg injury would give a speed or collecting penalty. A nicheling could also be blinded this way. Depending on the severity of the injuries, they could be temporary or permanent. So even if you don't have the genes for certain disabilities in your population, it's not impossible to get them. Not all disabilities are genetic, after all, and life in nature is tough! On a similar note, many disabilities like blindness in real life are caused by ageing, so perhaps similar effects could happen as nichelings age. I don't think elderly nichelings should be useless though, so giving them perks of some sort would be a nice offset. I sadly don't have any ideas for this right now This would obviously make the game harder, and I imagine not everyone would want that, so an option to change the chances of injuries would be nice.
  7. "No, little humans, get out of there! The colour pucegenta is very bad for organics!"
  9. autocorrect knows something we mere mortals are not ready for yet
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