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  1. A little piece I made for Akira's new palette challenge!
  2. "Well, I am that mysterious adventurer in all of time and space known only as Doctor Who, and these are my... disposables, Exposition, and Comic Relief." "We're not functions!" "Darling, those are genders."
  3. "State your name, rank and intention." "The Doctor, doctor, fun."
  4. "Good evening, I'm a lizard woman from the dawn of time, and this is my wife!" "...AAAAAAAAAHHH!!!"
  5. "There's an old Earth saying, captain. A phrase of power and wisdom and consolation to the soul in times of need. "ALLONS-Y!!!"
  6. “God bless the cactuses!” “That’s cacti.” “That’s racist!”
  7. I'm reverse image searching some of my art for entertainment and
  8. Not sure if I like the shading/highlights on this... Advice, please! :.(
  9. “Oh my lord, she’s a cactus!”
  10. You ever do something small in a game and suddenly get blasted with nostalgia?
  11. Hi again! Been a while :.D
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