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  1. ooh wats dis MAGICMOONSS! FREN! It's been so long! : D
  2. So, if an anti-electron is called a positron, would an anti-proton be called a negatron? Or negaton?
  3. Velvet the HiveWing oh man drawing this one took forever
  4. I felt like I should practice drawing WoF dragons, so here's a new OC, Bombyx the SilkWing. "Bombyx" refers to the genus of the domestic silk moth, Bombyx mori
  5. Prepare for another episode of "ew old art ah new art"! old: new:
  6. The words "mad world" put into google translate too many times ended up as "smart smartphone"
  7. do you play castle cats?? if so hello fellow castle cats player
  8. *finishes playing wolfquest and checks back on the forum* *sees this* Uh... O_O need a good reaction image
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