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  1. I felt exactly the same way :') every day I was obsessively refreshing and checking the registration page and when the first opening day was announced there was * N E U R O N A C T I V A T I O N *
  2. ok so on the site there's the post office where you have a chance to get letters every day if you currently have no travelling cats, you get spam letters I got this one today it is the best letter in the game don't @ me
  3. Hey, I'm on that site!!! So when the next opening happens, we can all be friends and say hi :DD
  4. oh right, I made this thing a few days ago and never posted it here, might as well do that now I recently found a brush that's meant to resemble oil pastels, and I wanted to make stuff with it. Here's a thing I made with it
  5. TundraKitsune

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    ok this is extremely weird Is this a bot or something? What's with all this "I am glad to come to this forum" stuff? A lot of the links (haven't actually clicked on any, way too suspicious for me) seem to be forum topics with that title? Quite intrigued by that, though I really don't want to risk any malware The bbcode is also weird, especially since it doesn't work on this forum Very odd
  6. I applaud your dedication mainly because I've done this and I know how long it takes
  7. this is not the direction I intended for this thread k not like I really intended a direction but
  8. awww she looks so happy! Thank you :DD
  9. aaaaaaaaaaa I love her so much thank you thank you :DDDDD
  10. your art style is absolutely adorable and amazing and I absolutely MUST see at least one of my beans in it Pick whoever! A bit of information, Risi is friendly protective bean, and Vankir is anxiety incarnate bean
  11. How about a little erosion?
  12. The dice died a while ago :(( heh... died
  13. Oh, sure you can. Just give it some billions of years (yes, the motivation behind this post was simply dumb science trivia. not sorry)
  14. TundraKitsune

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    the plot thickens...
  15. TundraKitsune

    no resorsis

    fraid bbcode doesn't work here
  16. "Dinosaurs are so cool that a story with dinosaurs doesn't even need a love triangle!"
  17. I was inspired by a thing @pepper_ did No idea if the shading makes sense in the slightest, but it was fun to do regardless original:
  18. may or may not have seen this a while ago and decided I wanted to do my own version
  19. Hey, why not? So, I'm aromantic/asexual Also non-binary of some flavour Demigirl seems to work alright Agender could work though, idk Still very much cool with she/her though
  20. I found this video recently. I think it fits here
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