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  1. The "T" stands for "Tundra"



      i feel like theres something funny to say here and i feel like i knew what it was but forgot

  2. To celebrate the 1 month anniversary of me being a cabinet, I'm going to go back to my normal username

  3. Farewell, HOTEWIG cover photo (er, cover gif?). You had a good run and we will remember you ❤️


    also the new cover photo's file size is 420 kb do with that info what you will

  4. I've had the same cover photo for probably over a year now... and I'm kinda considering changing it. Should I?

    1. Kira.APK


      Idk should you

  5. Might as well jump on the being festive bandwagon!

    Haven't drawn a new thing for that, so I'll just use the art I drew last year for now. I don't think it's even aged that badly

  6. Haven't changed my name in a while >: )

    I'm Tundra, by the way

  7. why is my profile picture so bluuuuurrrryyyyyyy

  8. *casually puts a neutron on the fawn's flank to replace the spots*

  9. Been a while since I changed my name, so it's time to do just that and probably confuse the heck out of everyone for about 30 seconds muahahaha

    1. burghley deltarune
    2. Magicmoonss


      I was more confused about why I'm following you.

  10. Heya! I suppose I should welcome you to the forums :) Hope you have a good time here!

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