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  1. Global warming will take over. When I grow up, the sky...
  2. Hopefully fixing the earth. When I grow up, the...
  3. Get itself together? When I grow up, Canada will...
  4. Be lively and happy! When I grow up, we will all...
  5. A McDonald's. When I grow up, I will make...
  6. Princess Bride reference? Edit: P.S. I really need to get off now
  7. Displacementraptor Velociraptor = --------------------------- Timeraptor
  8. 3.5 days? Not 3.1415926535897932384626433832 days?
  9. "Green eyed Hawkfrost"?! (wow, she actually kinda does look like that... didn't notice that when I designed her...)
  10. Quadrupela? (I need to go to sleep...)
  11. Quadr (It's alright! No hard feelings! I'm just a nerd)
  12. (I shall revive this! (I think)) O snow! (Neige is snow en français) New word? Q
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