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  1. *pokes thread* Was going to post these in little to no context, but I think this place is better I present to you: "What If You Fall into a Black Hole?" but something seems a bit off (I love how out of all the things said in the video the one thing it transcribes right is Hawking radiation)
  2. "The universe is big. There are many large things in it."
  3. "Brown dwarfs, failed stars that are a huge disappointment to their moms."
  4. "The larger [asteroids] could cause dinosaur-level mass extinctions and would be bad for the stock market."
  5. Also the duck and the birb I posted before were sneak previews too :DD
  6. HOLD UP QUICK DISCLAIMER This image: is not something I made This is from kurzgesagt It is a reference image This is the actual thing I made sorry if that was obvious I just want to make is really clear that I'm not taking credit for something I didn't make also colours aren't final
  7. An exclusive sneak preview for a thing I'm working on 👀 Note: This is only a small part of what I'm doing. There's much more to the full thing
  8. "It depends on the mass of the star. More massive stars... -e-ehldlfasdjko;-- words--" -me trying and failing to form a coherent sentence
  9. As the great proverb goes: "Close your eyes. Count to one. That's how long forever feels."
  10. I bow to you, Veteran Birb Cookie 🙇‍♂️
  11. Ah, a veteran cult member! I sadly am not :.( I'm a verrryyy new birb cult member A hatchling if you will I really wish I got into it sooner... But no matter, I am in the birb cult now, and that's what matters, right?
  12. YESSSSS JOIN THE BIRB CULT unless you already were a part of it aaaaaaaa idk help me
  14. "Today's hot take: the witch hunts were Bad Actually!"
  15. oh look I have one too now https://en.pronouns.page/@TundraKitsune
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