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  1. great news! the protons and neutrons are now happily married to each other! some of them even doubled up
  2. try to stick together, because the world is going to get bigger and emptier BUT IT'S NOT EMPTY YET! IT'S STILL VERY FULL, AND ABOUT A KJGHPILLION DEGREES...
  3. what's it made of? quarks n' stuff!
  4. i want to invent time and space! and i know it's possible because everything is here and it probably already happened i just don't know when to start and that's exactly where it started
  5. you don't even need a when that's how every it gets!
  6. @Sky Could this be migrated to the new off-topic art section?
  7. Aaaa they're all so cute! I actually forgot about this and I was confused like "wait why did I get pinged here I never post on that thread" then I realized "oh maybe it's for the style thing" lol ok that isn't really important, anyway the art is great! :.D
  8. whoops I'm planning a kurzgesagt fandragon on FR and made art for them
  9. Here's some better art from last night
  10. Why they changed it I can't say; people just liked it better that way
  12. I had no idea how sky gradients work
  13. Second: check out those ms paint skills
  14. Guys I found some old art Like, from when I first started to get into drawing Would you like to see it that was a rhetorical question let's go
  15. Been a little while, eh? oh yeah, and since this was heavily referenced
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