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  1. Jasper

    Um submit a nicheling

    U read my mind, sis! But you keep confusing me with your new username XP Do you have a picture of Jasper hidden somewhere deep in your mountains of screenshots? Because I have no idea where a pic of her could be!
  2. My advice as bug-captureing veteran: Get a clear jar/glass, so you can see the moth inside so you know where it is at all times so you don't hurt it. Its actually not that hard, just walk up and gently put the cup or jar on top of it. Make sure the mouth of the jar does not touch the bug, but goes around it. Then oooooh so slowly and gently get a piece of paper and sliiiiiide it under the cup/jar. life the paper that is covering the mouth of the jar and the jar up together, and then tip the jar so the bottom of the jar is tilted upwards. Bugs always like to climb UP, so the moth will most likely climb to the bottom of the jar that is slightly tilted up. This is good because then it is away from the mouth of the jar, allowing you to put a lid on, of course with breathing holes on top. Keep in mind you normally wouldn't want to keep a moth in just a jar, it is a good temporary housing solution, but NOT a good permanent one. Once you have it secure in the jar/glass, asses its health. Whats wrong with its wings? Are they deformed? torn? folded? After you figure that out, start googling like crazy. Find out what kind of moth it is, what it eats, ect. That'll help you care for it. Post some pictures of the moth if you can!
  3. O no! I love slugs! 😫 Yeah, I've heard of many horrid ways to kill them. I pampered mine! 🤗
  4. It doesn't show up for me either.... And sorry sis, I would join your RP, but I'm not active enough and would just be a drag to the RP :C
  5. *starts to yearn for the derpy snail* 🐌
  6. Geez sis, so hard on yourself. *rolls eyes* What are you talking about--its really good!
  7. Looks maybe a little big, and coloring is still a bit off.....I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for the right species.
  8. They look pretty similar--but I am noticing some unique red-ish markings on Leggy and a different shaped abdomen. ????????
  9. I wouldn't pet Leggy--he or she probably wouldn't like it very much. 😬
  10. I have owned multiple pet slugs before (LOL please don't judge I adore them) Slugs at least, can change gender at will, depending weather there is a male of female slug nearby. If there are no other slugs near by, they can actually reproduce by themselves. I just declared my slugs male or female, and went with it. Mushroom was a girl, Portobello and Truffle were boys. Also, is there enough moisture in there for the snail? I don't see any substrate in there, either. For feeding of the snail, I'd recommend cucumbers. My slugs went bonkers over those. Also kale works in a pinch. You gotta make sure the water you spray in there either comes from your own well (if you have one, so you know there aren't any added chemicals), or natural bottled spring water (this is probably this best--just make sure that theres no added salt or other bad stuff in it), or distilled water (but I wouldn't recommend that as your first choice because it lacks some natural minerals and stuff) I definitely would NOT recommend tap water--it often has added chemicals to it like chorine that can be bad for the slug/snail's sensitive skin. make sure you wash off the cucumbers and other stuff you give them really well with some of the water choices above. Their food often has harmful chemicals and pesticides on them. ANYway, rant over! The snail is super cute!!!!
  11. Jasper


    That tongue tho. ❤️
  12. I have a chicken smoothie account. Just joined recently. My username is :HerdwickSheep: I have 2 pets, and no idea how to navigate the site, trade, or do anything. BostonLobstah, I think I require a bit of training from you.
  13. Chime found Pumpkin at last. "Oh, there you are, darling!" She said. "Now, I heard you got a thorn in your paw recently and I wanted to check on you!" She fussed, examining Pumpkin's paw carefully. "Well, you got it out, and thats good. Lets put some honey on there, just to soothe it. Now don't put pressure on it until I return!" She turned to leave and get the honey.
  14. Chime sighed, a bundle of herbs stuffed into her jaws. She was looking for one of her tribemates who had gotten cut that morning. She also wanted to check with Pumpkin, for she was not always only concerned with making people feel better on the outside--she wanted to make sure everyone felt good on the inside, too. She bustled about in a motherly way, giving a friendly nod to Orchid as she past her.
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