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  1. Zoey booped Mothflutter's nose with her nose, "Boop."
  2. ((Hehe)) "Wafiu, you lwove me and I lwove you!" Zoey made a smilar face to :3
  3. Zoey purred, "I lwove youuuu." ((LWOVE RETURNS))
  4. Zoey nuzzles her(They can't pregnant when female and female nuzzle) "I do too."
  5. "What was that?" Zoey smirked and tilted her head.
  6. Zoey was now quiet and blushing like a lot!
  7. Zoey blushed more and stammered for words.
  8. Building? Creature creating(Not a breeding sim, I'll explain it) You're a scientist and you have to create creatures/plants/habitats, I came up with this idea when I remembered me and my friend(Who I used to ride the same bus with) play a game called Lifeology and it's this
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