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  1. You hunt in the north are able to bring down a cow elk -Hunt -Explore -End day -Go to market -Breed wolves -Eat from food storage
  2. -Hunt in the north -Hunt in the south -Hunt in the west -Hunt in the east
  3. ((now)) @ShinyMetalTheAnimal Day 1 It's rainy -Hunt -Explore -End day -Go to market -Breed wolves @PurpleBrightThingInSkyHeav Day 1 It's rainy -Hunt -Explore -End day -Go to market -Breed wolves @BrightPrettyHeadThing Day 1 It's rainy -Hunt -Explore -End day -Go to market -Breed wolves
  4. I imagine her eyes being cyan not dark blue
  5. This is the nicheling I had forgotten her pattern
  6. Et nods and sits in the farthest sit. The seat by the window in the last room. Yuie walked into the classroom, looked at of the seats. He decided to sit in the seat next to Et. (We'll pretend to there's more students)
  7. I remember it was the end of the school day and we putting our things in our backpacks

    I was like humming and dropped one of my thing and I sounded like Shakira

  8. I combined them IT IS I NUMBERCATPUPSIMGENERATOR *Dies laughing from name and the way said it*
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