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  1. When playing there is no indication of where enemy's are. So why not put an enemy detector! (Not hives or anything stationary.) It could only be cold/warm blood? The file picture below shows a concept art of what it would look like. 3 Stages for campaign. Small - It only shows an area which enemies are located. Not the width or depth. Just the place. Medium - Shows a place which is safe (never underground.) still as a point - no width or depth. Big - It's medium but shows the width and depth of the safe/enemy zones. The Big Size Is About The Core Size. The Medium Size Is About The Circle Armour Size. The Small Is The Same Size As Medium. Description. BIG - Locates the area of safety and enemies. Medium - Locates the place of safety and the place of enemies. small - Locates enemies. That's All! By The Way The Concept Art Sucks. :/
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