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  1. im gonna try to continue this tomorow but school has me tired...
  2. Im gonna stop this for to today as im tired...
  3. MagentaMoon goes to the new wanderer and asks: Hey Wait! Who are you? AH: I am AncientHollow a wandering Hunter with a duty to protect the berry bushes of this land from the Horrible creatures known as rabbils! Mm:Uhmm… Okay… Would you like to join our tribe? Ah:Certainly! I have been wandering the land alone for so long to hunt the rabbils. And I might even find a needed mate from this poor tribe of yours!
  4. Should I invite him in? Here are his genes… (Also cool name)
  5. As Woodfruit tells MagentaMoon of the rougeish smell a strange new nicheling comes from the grasses...
  6. Im going to continue this briefly. because Im not in the best of moods...
  7. Dont worry! I know he doesnt have the easiest to draw genes but its still pretty good!
  8. It seems you're about to get some bearyena genes!
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