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  1. Im sad

    1. NichelingPotato


      (If you are wondering why im sad. My giant african land snail died)

  2. Huh... it's been a while since I have been here. It's mostly because of school,the pandemic and mostly a loss of interest for niche. Don't expect me to be too active here. Just decided to let people know im not dead.

  3. It seems that it's my Birthday today… Cool.
  4. They were taken out of the game for a bit because they would attack Random nichelings, even if the nichelings didn't attack anything.
  5. Im just gonna end it here! Im gonna have to get back to this slowly as my story telling is a bit rusty.
  6. Maroon: Isn't she pretty! FruitBronze: And strong! Maroon: We better keep her save from the cold! She's so tiny after all! FruitBronze: You're right… If she were to even touch the ground she would probably freeze to death. Maroon:She seems hungry. FruitBronze: Let's not worry! I can just dig her some roots! Maroon: How would I ever care for a youngling like this without you! Fruitbronze:There is no knowing an answer to that question, Because I will never leave your side! Maroon:You're so sweet dear. FruitBronze: Ofcourse darling! The two snuggle to keep the baby warm.
  7. A frozen wind blows over these blue mountains that our nicheling clan resides in the roots of. A thick snow covers the cracked mountain top. The frozen grass shatters under the paws of the creatures that step upon it. The sky is covered by clouds as far as the eye can see casting a dark shadow to the ground. The cry of the nichelings echoes the air as the acorns dropped by their protective tree break on impact with the icy ground… A new soul has been born with claws as sharp as the mountain top yet as fragile as the icicles hangin from the branches of the trees. BurnGold...
  8. Welp… Im gonna try and do this now.
  9. Well Well... It's been a while since I last even looked at this post... I feel like Playing niche again. I haven't touched that game in a long while and I feel somewhat motivated to play it. So I might as well revive this playthrough. So expect that in the near future.
  10. This is my first tiem in the last zone and... It's interesting... Im gonna stop posting here now and try to play the last zone my self! This was just to show this game for a bit. At this point you may ask… Should you buy this game? And my answer to that is... If it's on sale sure! But at full prize… Not really...
  11. Time to leave this zone and go to the last one!
  12. To open the exit we need a wire from a power Building... I think...
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