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  1. NichelingPotato


    I actually got this game a few days ago. I have heard it's fun so I just went and got it! I have 25 hours of play time so far.
  2. Does anyone know D&D/Dungeons and dragons? If you don't. it's a fun tabletop roleplay game. Look a video on it on YouTube or something as I don't have the time to explain all here. I have like 5 of the game books with the game stuff… But the only problem is that you need this thing called Friends to play it... And Im A shy and socially akward potato… (Even posting on this forum took me a bit)
  3. I pretty much have abandoned that rule… It's more fun without restrictions on naming nichelings!
  4. This gorgeus beast is born! Ending it here! This was me just getting a bit back into this! Also give names.
  5. She's ready to soon give birth!
  6. Sunrise is trying to drive the rouge away.
  7. This rouge is trying to get in...
  8. So this is whats currently going on! Now let me just figure out what to do next...
  9. Gonna play this now I guess.
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