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  1. Piko and the different birds also drop morsel.
  2. Yes I do! It's a creature from the hamlet expansion! Can't currently remember the name as I havent played much hamlet...
  3. Welcome! I hope you enjoy the time you spend here! I also really enjoy Hollow knight,Don't starve and niche!
  4. NichelingPotato


    I actually got this game a few days ago. I have heard it's fun so I just went and got it! I have 25 hours of play time so far.
  5. Does anyone know D&D/Dungeons and dragons? If you don't. it's a fun tabletop roleplay game. Look a video on it on YouTube or something as I don't have the time to explain all here. I have like 5 of the game books with the game stuff… But the only problem is that you need this thing called Friends to play it... And Im A shy and socially akward potato… (Even posting on this forum took me a bit)
  6. I pretty much have abandoned that rule… It's more fun without restrictions on naming nichelings!
  7. This gorgeus beast is born! Ending it here! This was me just getting a bit back into this! Also give names.
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