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  1. /motherly advice (hopefully?) You're not a disappointment! Honesty, you're great a bit willful at times but who isn't. I like you just the way you are. Could you become someone even greater? Sure. But I can say the self for myself too. We all learn at different paces. Take your time. If it means being alone or with friends, you decide. If you need time, take it. Being honest with yourself can be the hardest thing but also helps the most.
  2. The unaware Dukro was still trying his luck with Sisi. She on the other paw peered over his shoulder at the bearyena that was clawing it's way onto the side of the river edge. Misi was grooming herself and didn't even turn when her sister gave her a shove. "Excuse you, I'm busy." Sisi glared at her but she didn't even bother and returned to her grooming. By now the towering figure had reached them. Dukro froze on his spot mouth open and eyes wide as he stared at it. Sisi doesn't think twice before kicking Dukro in the back, making him stumble into the beast. Lameel meets
  3. No to bad. I drew while watching. You had some really bad luck with all the Bearyenas I thought it was funny. Sad that only one female survived. I can't really remember the details of the rat challenge (you should add them into you description if you do another episode)
  4. Thanks! She looks a bit lonely 😆 Nicely done. (I have the same problem with some of my pencils )
  5. So, just have them all as collectors doesn't work that well. Hm~
  6. See now this is the situation where being able to carry the cubs would be nice.
  7. Alright so the 6'th time the charm. So, far it's going good. Here are my starters: Their offspring survived till now, I just unlocked normal blood. I finally figured out how to get them to survive longer. 1 get a permanent nest 2 Breed so there is always 1 F and 1 M 3 and repeat step 2 until you run into a BY then run Oh and sacrifice all others. So if their is a F and M close to age, kill all others.
  8. Clearly I suck in this. So, here is a run down of how I lost again. This pair gives me two sons and one daughter. Alright I can work with this. I would have liked more chicks. Oh Well~ Their daughter gives me another girl. YES! I'm happy but I was clearly enjoying myself way to much so, the dad ends up dying by coconut... Luckily mom was still expecting and it's bundle of joy- What the heck are U? Then to make my game clearly more fun it decided now is the time for this And this..... and the joy of ending up with an only male survivor
  9. Why does he have fishy legs...🤦‍♀️
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