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  1. Cool drawings, I think you could draw some subnautica level of stuff.
  2. 🤣This is the blind nicheling to me: But he might be on to something...
  3. FawnCat

    My feedback

    I had yet to read the others feedback so if some things are similar it just means we have the same ideas. 😄 My first thoughts The game looks fantastic so far. Hats off to everyone working on it. It was fun and the Onubu was adorable when he did the little actions. I can see myself playing this to try and survive longer each time. My first play was only 33 Days. I would like to have a score page or something similar just to see how I did against myself/ others. Small issues/ ideas The tutorial was boring, useful but boring, it was to much reading when you’re eager to start playing the game. A tutorial as you play would be nice. There is a spelling error in the tutorial.Spelling fix.bmp When I place down a tent, I must reselect the tent icon before I can place another one down. I think when it is selected you can keep placing them down and then right clicking to deselect. A page somewhere where I can see what buildings are going to produce and need to keep producing than item. Plot. Not necessary but something similar to Niche survival opening. Make things clear. I had trouble with the collecting because I didn’t figure out that when I select the harvest tool I can drag and select a space. So, I was selecting each tree and pressing the little collect icon on them. The villagers that didn’t have anything to do didn’t pick up the resources and place them in the storage. I would like if there was a button that showed me the idle villagers. If there is one, where? Medium issues The Mycologist says place on ‘earth’ but still allows you to place it on grass. I can understand this as when you need to place it on grass but next to ‘earth’. Problem I ran into is I didn’t take the earth vs grass to serious when I read it the first time and place mine fully on grass tiles. 2 Days, in game, of me trying to figure out what is missing only to read the description again and realizing that ‘Dummy, you placed it on the wrong tiles.’ I think a pop up telling me that it is on grass tiles would be nice to have, just include a ‘don’t show me this again button.’ I ran into an odd bug that when I prioritized the building it would not build it until the other things I have placed down after it was built (even though they were not prioritized). It fixed itself and didn’t happen again after I went to main screen and then back into my game. I didn’t find it that game breaking, so I didn’t report it. By day 33, most of the things where already researched. There either needs to be more things to research or it needs to take longer. The problem with longer is that it would increases the difficulty of the game as I had encountered poisoned nomads by day 6-7 and had no research into that area. So, settings of difficulty could be included. Silly ideas that could be included A weather controller. To make it rain. The desert was hard, and my water was at 6 even with 2 water makers. It could only be used every 7 days or you need material that the scavengers needs to go collect. So, that it’s not to OP. Naming my villagers. Building a nursery to make more villagers. Once again it could be it takes a lot of days before I get one new villager. Let the scavengers get pets. Small creatures that can work as companions that improve the things they could get or really just an accessory. Encountering enemies. Who says that all is friendly in the wild lands? This one is if we include the above-mentioned enemies. A building that trains them to fight. If I want to go the evil route let me curse my big animal to turn it into a toxic animal. We can have a place that the villager builds to ‘gear up’ into clothing that makes them not get poisoned. Poisoned based buildings. Buildings that use the toxic spores to make things.
  4. Just searching fanart about Niche and one of the pictures was from here.
  5. I won a lunchbox. I could choose what to put on it. SO- Remember when I did this? NOW I HAVE IT ON A LUNCHBOX!
  6. Aww Thanks! She cute. Neither can I🤣
  7. If you want, can you draw Flo?
  8. That sucks. That's the problem with early access games, their either bugged or laggy as all hell ~ Not sure if it would my pc can run some things just fine like sims 4 and rage 2. Then at other times it just refuse to work at all.
  9. I'm not sure if I should buy it or not. A lot of people seem to enjoy it and it looks fun but I'm not sure If I'll play it long enough to make the price worth it.
  10. FawnCat

    Art programs?

    I use Clip studio paint, they have a free trial if you want to try it out.
  11. Around the first time I played, this happened:
  12. So, I think I'm experiencing art block or something. I just don't like my art so much currently and can't say if it's alright or not. I'm having a hard time finishing some too. Can I ask all of you to help me out? Maybe some art advice or just tips. Here are some of my recent drawings (you might have seen some of them before):
  13. Welp, just @ me when we do continue.
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