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  1. Looks like he has a beard. lol.😆 I'll do more once I have the time. I still don't like the teeth but if I didn't draw them like this they would look like poison fangs or a vampire.
  2. Issi smiles an looks at the path to the den entrance. "I'm sure, they finish up any time now." (Think we reached the end of the rope. Nothing much we can do with out anyone else.)
  3. She shrugs. "You two will be able to work it out, I'm sure. Just a small hiccup in the relationship. Bonus point if she upsets you after this I'll gladly risk an antler stabbing me when I try to bite her."
  4. (I think I'm gonna need snacks to keep me up.😆) "We got in a nasty fight and I told him I'll be better on my own and a lot of other mean stuff." She looks down ashamed.
  5. (Well it looks like I'm joining you in that long haul. It's now 1:45 AM) "We saved Bubbli from drowning. Finch scolded me. You woke up. That's- No, got my leg broken. Now that seems like everything so far."
  6. Issi joined in on the chuckles. "Don't know. Luckily Finch and I are doing better than this morning or else I wouldn't want to see him." (So how are you holding up? Still awake?😆)
  7. "Eh, um, You know." She shrugs and looks off to the side. "Turns out I like children." She pouts but it soon turns into a mischievous smile. "I'm sure you and Snowdove are planning to adopt a few, right? It would be a real shame if my future children had no one to play with."
  8. "You sure are. But you're great at giving advise too." Issi smiled and looked around the den. "I guess. But I already told Ink I don't want him near any of my current or future children." She frowns as she thinks of Ink. I can't believe he wanted to hurt Bubbli.
  9. "I'm sure Snowdove will try doing that with you. Or she'll just hunt things down for you. She doesn't seem like the type that likes to sit still." Issi groaned. "You're really going to make me say it aren't you?" She blushed and ducked her head. "I've always wanted to belong to a tribe. I mean I'm used to being alone but it's not always fun and happy times... Like what you just did." Issi gestured to her leg. "If I was alone, I would have either let it healed on it's own or try to trade with a wander healer." She smiled. "I like niches being around me that actually cares."
  10. "Oh, yes nothing says family like your den being on fire." She said equally sarcastic. Issi smiles and blush. "Well you know." She clears her throat. "I think finding a nice island for us all to live on would be nice. Or as long as the islands are close to each other it would be fine."
  11. "Yeah, this place sucks. We should got to a place with nice weather. Not a place like Finch's island." Issi looks around before whispering to Rabbitspring. "I hope he knows I refuse to live at a place that sets it self on fire."
  12. "I can't even go swimming because of my leg to cheer me up. Then again I was in the water here, it's freezing. No fun."
  13. Issi looked down at the ground a bit deflated. "I don't know. Rabbitspring, I don't know what's going on anymore. We came here to stop/help someone. By now we should have been brought back to that tree. But we're not there. Something isn't right. I don't know what but my instincts are going crazy and telling me I should get out and that it's just going to get worse from here." (What can we possible do?)
  14. Issi huffed and shook her hair straight again. "Yeah, yeah. I know better than to mess with her when she's in a bad mood. Once was enough thanks." She looks down at her shoulder and shudder when she remembers that she was stabbed their when she first met them with those antlers.
  15. Issi let out a breath and smile. "Thanks. I guess I owe you a lot." She moved the leg a bit and flinched. Should move it slower. "That's a bit hard to do in our little group. I'm sure some of us think of each other as family. You're certainly like a big sister to me." Issi frowned. "And Snowdove like the annoying sister in law."
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