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  1. Just searching fanart about Niche and one of the pictures was from here.
  2. I won a lunchbox. I could choose what to put on it. SO- Remember when I did this? NOW I HAVE IT ON A LUNCHBOX!
  3. Aww Thanks! She cute. Neither can I🤣
  4. If you want, can you draw Flo?
  5. That sucks. That's the problem with early access games, their either bugged or laggy as all hell ~ Not sure if it would my pc can run some things just fine like sims 4 and rage 2. Then at other times it just refuse to work at all.
  6. I'm not sure if I should buy it or not. A lot of people seem to enjoy it and it looks fun but I'm not sure If I'll play it long enough to make the price worth it.
  7. FawnCat

    Art programs?

    I use Clip studio paint, they have a free trial if you want to try it out.
  8. Around the first time I played, this happened:
  9. So, I think I'm experiencing art block or something. I just don't like my art so much currently and can't say if it's alright or not. I'm having a hard time finishing some too. Can I ask all of you to help me out? Maybe some art advice or just tips. Here are some of my recent drawings (you might have seen some of them before):
  10. Welp, just @ me when we do continue.
  11. "Juniper!" Issi growled in frustration and grabbed her by her scruff pulling her up. "Breath! IN AND OUT!" Throwing a panicked look over her shoulder she could still see the head. "We need to get to the ports and away from this place." Found it!
  12. I should probably RP. Where was I last? Think Someone was dying next to Issi....
  13. A MOTHER CAN'T PICK FAVORITES!! JELLLO~~~~~~(As in jelly cause I like it)
  14. Hello! Sheesh I'm so lost. 😅
  15. FawnCat


    I want to draw............................................
  16. You've been doing it with your finger this whole time.... That's some hard work. Seriously impressive!!!
  17. How to human??? I tried my hand at drawing a villager.
  18. My drawing process roughly.
  19. FawnCat


    Her art style is fun and cute!
  20. FawnCat


    Very tall child.... worse is it's a toddler.
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