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  1. Kinda sad. But will lily be having another one? Like now or later?
  2. Hard copies would be great to have. Hope to hear more about it when you know
  3. NOoOOOoooOOO- Was he a sick baby or has it to do with the drownings?
  4. What! Who's kit is that? Not Lily's kit right?? Hm~ That is suspicious.
  5. Yeah, thought so. Well I went and reread just to make sure I wasn't missing something. So~ Did they die of natural causes or should I be worried that Flippaw just flipped their lid and are stating to kill them off?
  6. You got my attention. Do continue~
  7. Lol, was going to say something similar. 😆 Flippaw still needs to learn, you gather more with honey than vinegar or whatever that saying is. BAbY! 0.0 Wha- Aren't one of them like a queen? Who be failing in their duties....
  8. 100 % agreed. Truffle and Brownie was the glue to this little tribe... well not so little anymore.
  9. I enjoyed it. I've been curious about her story since you posted a similar chapter last year. Are you planning to do it digital or hard copy? Will we be seeing art/pictures with it?
  10. Yeah, I'm doing this with no story so it's fine for me.😆
  11. It is. But I can be stubborn and it gets fun to see how long you can survive. So, far it's just hard to get enough food.
  12. Always fun to hear the backstories of characters even more so when they are one of your fav's. Do you have plan how it's going to end in Time and space 1 yet? (Wait so can it be, she's still alive?)
  13. Coulra is low key one of my Fav's. A lot of times I think that she's like an older version of Issi. Or a different timeline Issi. But that's just me.😄
  14. "Juniper!" Issi growled in frustration and grabbed her by her scruff pulling her up. "Breath! IN AND OUT!" Throwing a panicked look over her shoulder she could still see the head. "We need to get to the ports and away from this place."
  15. Can't remember if it was Caution or Hazard Backside of Coulra Finch and Issi Issi Children: Rusho Chaku
  16. Hennasire, Bubbli, Kalile, Juniper, Jest
  17. Bear, Breeze Song, Sapphire (Evil), Sapphire (good), Elra, Everest, Ink
  18. Flash, Vissen, Rabbitspring/Lanasi, Snowdove
  19. Getting the info on them was hard. At times I was reading the Roleplay and forgot why I was doing it.😆 I'll post the pictures and the list of names. Hopefully I got them all to kinda look like how they are supposed to.
  20. This is just for fun. Just a little something I thought would be nice to do now that the role play has reached one year and over 200 pages. The characters I drew aren't all mine. Hopefully, nobody will mind if I use their characters. The characters are all from the role play 'Time and Space" by Katumai. Some don't look 100% as they are described or shown in pictures. Chalk it up to my low art skill.This is highly made in the same image of 'School rumble' ending song. The song is Onna no Ko♥Otoko no Ko (オンナのコ♥オトコのコ; Girls♥Boys) by Yuko Ogura.And lastly I don't own the song only the picture
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