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  1. Believe it was in April this year. Have been watching jessimew on youtube before I got it and loved the gameplay.😃
  2. It's pretty nice 😃Yeah, I like Dukkir's paws too. The funny thing is he was born on the snow island.
  3. @Random.Org Cat If you want here's my Ancient Dukkir and Vanno the Vain
  4. My niche just killed a rabbit and I didn't see the bear until it was to late.
  5. Thank you so much. This looks so cute.
  6. Thank you. Dukkir is one of my Ancients now. Know to guide each clan leader when their clan is in trouble. He was very adaptable even with his non-winter genes. Despite some of the elders dislike towards him (Because his mother was of unknown origin) he still went and helped them when the arctic ramfoxes attacked them. Loyal to his clan and the rule of protecting the old and young first. He loved to hunt bunny meat to give to his daughter. Unfortunately he and his mate wasn't very close. 😅 Sorry, I ended up telling his story a bit.
  7. If you want, can you add my leader Dukkir. (Is this picture ok?)Niche Dukkir.bmp
  8. @Clover I tried the reality challenge today. It is a fun challenge but I wasn't so sure on what island to start so I started on Archipelago(Hope, that's ok?). Oh. and I hid all the genes (Luckily, no one has gotten sick yet. Forgot that it hides the immunity genes) I'm on day 50 now and everyone has their own nichelings prides.
  9. @Cataries I had a similar problem when a defender bear attacked a baby that was next to the Peaceful bear. I just don't use the Peaceful bear anymore because I don't see it's use now other than maybe scaring Bearyena's away.
  10. Might try this tomorrow. Hope I can remember everything.
  11. I'm doing the 100 Nichelings challenge.😱 I don't even want to know how hard it will be to get 1000. I type as I start a new game to see if I could do it.
  12. @Katumai Can you make my Ex-warrior Red? This is Red and he’s an elder. Brave. Loyal. Hardheaded. Very strict with his children. Red was the first to be born with double claws and didn’t fit in with his family of berry pickers. He didn’t let it bother him and went of to the swamps where he met the love of his life Issi. They had four lovely children but while fishing for his family his wife passed away. He never moved on and stayed loyal to his wife. He only has 3 days left, and I miss him already.😫 You can pick the expression. What you feel will fit Red.
  13. MiaKat

    Freeeeeeee art!

    I do the same...
  14. MiaKat

    Freeeeeeee art!

    They say art is a great stress reliever. So I guess.😅
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