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  1. Hello! I'm Venasai but you can call me Ven ^^ I'm new to these forums but slowly finding my way around, this place is full of such awesome ideas and ahhh I just love it ! I'm a big Niche fan and I'd say that my favourite part is purely making interesting characters and storylines XD Although I do just love the game all round, don't get the wrong idea :3 The Nicheling in my pfp is one of the finest queens from my playthroughs, Yukiera, she's just such a babu with a heart of gold and an adventurous spirit ^^ Anywho that's all I can think to say @-@ so yeah! Hope to see aroun
  2. time *claps* to *claps* make *cl- MY NICHELINGS SUFFER! LETS GO!
  3. Lmao this challenge looks amazing
  4. Interesting idea! :0 Might give it a go ^^
  5. Ooo I love this idea tbh! A biome like this would be so fun to explore ^^ Maybe there could be new weather cycles too, like a drought that dries up the water or sandstorms that decrease the amount of turns your nichelings have :0 Just an idea I guess
  6. The Prehensile Tail Gene and Climbing Skill --- I've always thought about this gene and I think it would be pretty cool to add to the game ^^! The prehensile tail gene would be a fairly rare gene found primarily in the jungle islands and rarely recessive in other tree baring islands. The tail would come with a new skill, climbing. The climbing genes would allow creatures with the skill to climb trees of different sizes accordingly (I may make another post for climbing limbs etc). An oak tree/acacia could have a climbing requirement of 1, a palm tree 2 and a jungle tree 3
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